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The "gender pension-gap" in the aging societies of East Asia : a policy note from the East Asia and Pacific umbrella facility for gender equlity (English)

Over the years pension systems have been an essential policy tool for the economic protection of older adults across countries and regions. But in a context of widespread inequality, not everyone enjoys the same level of protection. ... See More +

Working Paper 114037 JAN 01, 2016

O'Keefe,Philip B.; Chłoń-Domińczak,Agnieszka Disclosed

Golden aging : prospects for healthy, active, and prosperous aging in Europe and Central Asia (English)

Societies across Europe and Central Asia are aging, but people are not necessarily living longer. This demographic trend-caused by a decrease in fertility rather than improved longevity-presents both challenges and opportunities for governments, the private sector, and individuals alike. ... See More +

Publication 97714 JUN 16, 2015

Bussolo,Maurizio; Koettl-Brodmann,Johannes; Sinnott,Emily Disclosed

As time goes by in Argentina : economic opportunities and challenges of the demographic transition (English)

The process of demographic transition through which Argentina is passing is a window of both opportunities and challenges in economic and social terms. ... See More +

Publication 96046 APR 23, 2015

Gragnolati,Michele; Rofman,Rafael P.; Apella,Ignacio Raul; Troiano,Sara Disclosed