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Toward sustainable financing for immunization coverage in Lao PDR (English)

The brief draws from the World Bank report, Managing Transition: Reaching the Vulnerable while Pursuing UHC in Lao PDR (World Bank, 2017b) which includes an in-depth assessment of the immunization program. ... See More +

Brief 121810 DEC 01, 2017

Laotian Disclosed

Managing transitions : reaching the vulnerable while pursuing Universal Health Coverage : executive summary (English)

As Lao PDR prepares to graduate from Least Developed Country (LDC) status by 2020 to become an upper-middle-income country by 2030, it also expects to face declining funding from external sources and the need to increase domestic financing for health. ... See More +

Working Paper 121809 DEC 01, 2017

Sorensen,Birte Holm; Masaki,Emiko; Panyanouvong,Thiphaphone; Vongsonephet,Thalalin; Thitsy,Sophavanh; Chamleunsab,Mayuly; Nanthalad,Khamhou; Obst,Michael Andreas; Nagpal,Somil; Komphasouk,Banthida Disclosed

Aging and long term care systems : a review of finance and governance arrangements in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific (English)

Population aging is a global issue that is either affecting or will soon affect virtually every country around the world. With large numbers of older people experiencing significant losses of intrinsic capacity, leading a dignified and meaningful life is often only possible with the care and support of others. ... See More +

Working Paper 121749 NOV 01, 2017

Joshua,Laurie Christopher Disclosed

Pilot model 3 : implementation manual (English)

The objective of the model is to address the lack of integration between healthcare and social careservices, which can particularly affect older people. ... See More +

Manual 119683 SEP 01, 2017

Polish Disclosed

Effect of stress on later-life health : evidence from the Vietnam war draft (English)

A substantial literature has examined the impact of stress during the early stages of life on later-life health. This paper contributes to that literature by examining the later-life health impact of stress during adolescence and early adulthood, using a novel proxy for stress: risk of military induction in the United States during the Vietnam War. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8063 MAY 16, 2017

Cawley,John Horan; De Walque,Damien B. C. M.; Grossman,Daniel Disclosed

Live long and prosper : aging in East Asia and Pacific (English)

The population in East Asia and Pacific is aging rapidly, raising concerns about the implications for the region’s economic future. This report aims to crystallize what is known about the rapidly changing and diverse demographics of East Asian and Pacific countries. ... See More +

Publication 102126 DEC 10, 2015

O'Keefe,Philip B.; Umapathi,Nithin; Somanathan,Aparnaa; Palacios,Robert J.; Giles,John T.; Flochel,Thomas; Van Doorn,Ralph; Pradelli,Juan; Huang,Yang; Moroz,Harry Edmund; Sen,Shonali; Velamuri,Malathi; Hasegawa,Naoko; Ozden,Caglar; Testaverde,Mauro; Tong, Minna Han; Hu,Yuqing; Nakayama,Risa; Beath,Andrew; Ikeda,Yukiyo Disclosed

Searching for a new silver age in Russia : the drivers and impacts of population aging - overview report (English)

Russia’s population is expected to age significantly over the next few decades. The coming decline in Russia’s working-age population will pose serious social and economic challenges, but it can also open up opportunities. ... See More +

Working Paper 99487 SEP 01, 2015

Hansl,Birgit; Levin,Victoria; Shaw,William Disclosed

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Afghanistan (English)

Afghanistan is in the early stages of the demographic transition. However, the transition will become more evident by 2025. The proportion of the population 65 years and older will increase from 2.1 percent, in 2000, to 2.9 percent, in 2025. ... See More +

Brief 119402 FEB 01, 2011