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Albania - Financial sector assessment program : Developing private pensions in Albania (English)

This note sets out options to develop private pensions in Albania. It has been requested by the authorities to help create a more diversified pension system that can deliver improved outcomes for Albania in decades to come. ... See More +

Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) 89249 FEB 01, 2014

Price,William Joseph Disclosed

Executive summary on civil service retirement programs for a new era (English)

Indonesia's pension programs for civil servants needs to be reformed because the current system is inconsistent with the government's bureaucracy reform and pay reform initiatives, it does not provide adequate retirement benefits to many career civil servants, and it is not sustainable although fiscally affordable. ... See More +

Working Paper 92719 APR 19, 2012

Wiener, Mitchell; Muliati, Iene; Guerard, Yves Disclosed

Work history and the access to contributory pensions in Uruguay : some facts and policy options (English)

Incomplete and highly fragmented work histories threaten to leave many contributors of the pension schemes in Latin America without the minimum pension guarantee or even without access to the ordinary pension. ... See More +

Working Paper 90345 MAY 01, 2008

Bucheli, Marisa ; Forteza, Alvaro ; Rossi, Ianina Disclosed

Reforming the pension reforms : the recent initiatives and actions on pensions in Argentina and Chile (English)

This paper describes the recent reforms of pension policies adopted by Argentina and Chile. The structural reforms in the 1980s and 90s were targeted on improving the long term fiscal sustainability of the system and their institutional design, while transferring part of the economic and social risks from the State to participants. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 90346 MAY 01, 2008

Rofman, Rafael ; Fajnzylber, Eduardo ; Herrera, German Disclosed

Notional accounts : notional defined contribution plans as a pension reform strategy (Mongolian)

Notional accounts are designed to mimic a defined contribution plan, where the pension depends on contributions and investment returns. (For this reason, they are sometimes called notional, defined-contribution schemes). ... See More +

Brief 33382 JAN 01, 2005

French, English Disclosed

Pension reform in Britain (English)

This paper examines the evolution of the pension system in Britain. In particular, it focuses on the shift from pay-as-you-go, state-run defined-benefit pensions to individual, private-sector, funded defined-contribution accounts. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 20053 JUN 01, 1998

Whitehouse, Edward Disclosed

Government guarantees on pension fund returns (English)

This report reviews defined contribution pension return guarantees typically made by governments in connection with pension privatizations. Finance theory related to the pricing of options provides a unifying framework for evaluating the cost of these guarantees. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 20049 APR 01, 1998

Pennacchi; Pennacchi, George Disclosed

The role of choice in the transition to a funded pension system (English)

A critical question in the transition to a funded, private pension system is whether the new private element is presented as a mandate or choice to current and future workers. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 20109 JAN 01, 1998

Palacios, Robert; Whitehouse, Edward Disclosed