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Somali poverty profile : findings from wave 1 of the Somali high frequency survey : Muuqaalka saboolnimada Soomaaliya : xoqta laqa helay heerka 1-aad ee sahanka saree ee Soomaaliya (Somali)

Somalia is emerging from 25 years of political instability and economic difficulty but hard data islacking for evidence-based planning. The civil war and ongoing conflict that started in 1991 fragmented the country, undermined political institutions, and created widespread vulnerability. ... See More +

Working Paper AUS19442 JUN 27, 2017

Pape,Utz Johann English Disclosed

The impact of China on Europe and Central Asia : Влияние Китая на Европу и Центральную Азию (Russian)

The economies of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) are facing complex challenges. In the eastern part of the region the task of governments is to orchestrate a coordinated crisis response. ... See More +

Publication 104605 APR 01, 2016

Timmer,Hans; Bussolo,Maurizio; Gould,David Michael; Letelier,Raquel Alejandra; Nguyen,Tu Chi; Panterov,Georgi Lyudmilov; Shaw,William; Ushakova,Ekaterina; Burns,Andrew; Izvorski,Ivailo V.; Pigato,Miria A.; Sanchez,Carolina English Disclosed

Lao People's Democratic Republic - Upland Food Security Improvement Project (English)

Ratings for the Upland Food Security Improvement Project for Lao People's Democratic Republic were as follows: outcomes were satisfactory, risk to development outcome was moderate, Bank performance was moderately satisfactory, and Borrower performance was satisfactory. ... See More +

Implementation Completion and Results Report ICR3353 MAY 28, 2015


Norway - Current economic position and prospects (English)

This report provides a review of economic position and prospects of Norway as of 1956. In 1955, for the first time since the war, monetary and fiscal policy played an important role in determining economic developments in Norway, by attacking demand at its source. ... See More +

Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report EA59 APR 26, 1956