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Broadband internet, labor demand, and total factor productivity in Colombia (English)

This paper studies the relationship between information and communication technology, labor demand, and total factor productivity in Colombia. It estimates total factor productivity for the Colombian manufacturing sector using a method that assumes a law of motion where total factor productivity evolves according to an autoregressive process of order 1 as well as with the past use of broadband technologies. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8318 JAN 24, 2018

Ospino,Carlos Disclosed

Stepping up skills in urban Ghana : snapshot of the STEP skills measurement survey (English)

The Skills Toward Employment and Productivity (STEP) survey is an initiative of the World Bank in cooperation with other development partners and nongovernmental agencies. ... See More +

Publication 117826 JUL 26, 2017

Darvas,Peter; Favara,Marta; Arnold,Tamara Disclosed

The impact of electricity shortages on firm productivity : evidence from Pakistan (English)

Power shortages present a significant challenge to manufacturers, who rely on power as a key input to production. In Pakistan, power shortages are commonplace, but empirical evidence on the impact of shortages is still lacking. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8130 JUN 29, 2017

Grainger,Corbett Alden; Zhang,Fan Disclosed

The effect of local governance on firm productivity and resource allocation : evidence from Vietnam (English)

Governance quality plays a key role in private sector development: competent bureaucrats not only create good policies and regulations, but also effectively implement them to shape the business environment. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8118 JUN 27, 2017

Tan,Shawn Weiming; Tran,Trang Thu Disclosed

Enterprise surveys : Lao PDR country highlights 2016 (English)

The World Bank Group conducted face-to-face interviews with top managers and business owners of 368 enterprises in Lao PDR from January 2016 through June 2016. ... See More +

Working Paper 119223 JUN 26, 2017


Firms' export decisions : demand trumps financial shocks (English)

This paper studies the relationship between access to credit, demand shocks, and export market adjustments using firm-level panel survey data for 24 economies in the Eastern Europe and Central Asian region. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7953 JAN 25, 2017

De Nicola,Francesca; Tan,Shawn Weiming Disclosed

Firm dynamics, productivity growth, and job creation in developing countries : the role of micro- and small enterprises (English)

The conventional wisdom on firm dynamics, productivity growth, and job creation in developingcountries is based on data that, by design, excludes a vast number of micro- and small enterprises, many of which are informal. ... See More +

Journal Article 112521 FEB 01, 2015

Li,Yue-000316086; Rama,Martin G. Disclosed

Growing through cities in developing countries (English)

This paper examines the effects of urbanization on development and growth. It begins with a labor market perspective and emphasizes the importance of agglomeration economies,both static and dynamic. ... See More +

Journal Article 112523 FEB 01, 2015

Duranton,Gilles Disclosed

The impact of credit information on firm financing (English)

Firms, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) state that access to credit is one of the main constraints on their growth. The theoretical literature on credit information emphasizes that information sharing schemes can impact firm financing (see Pagano and Jappelli, 1993; Padilla and Pagano, 1997; Klein, 1992; Vercammen, 1995; Padilla and Pagano, 2000). ... See More +

Working Paper 116577 JAN 05, 2015

Domenech Porcar,Luis; Sankaranarayan, Shalini Disclosed

A helping hand or the long arm of the law? : experimental evidence on what governments can do to formalize firms (English)

The authors conducted a field experiment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil to test which government actions work to encourage informal firms to register. ... See More +

Journal Article 112478 OCT 23, 2014

de Andrade, Gustavo Henrique; Bruhn,Miriam; Mckenzie,David J. Disclosed