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The different dimensions of inequality in Africa (English)

Of the 10 most unequal countries in the world today, 7 are in Africa. Excluding these countries (five of which have populations of less than 5 million and most of which are in Southern Africa) and controlling for country-level income, Africa has consumption inequality levels comparable to developing countries in other parts of the world. ... See More +

Brief 105632 MAY 01, 2016

Beegle,Kathleen G.; Christiaense, Luc; Dabalen,Andrew L.; Gaddis,Isis Disclosed

Fiscal policy and redistribution in the Dominican Republic : an analysis based on the commitment to equity methodology, for 2013 : Política fiscal y redistribución en la República Dominicana : un análisis basado en la metodología compromiso con la equidad, para 2013 (Spanish)

In spite of sustained economic growth over the past two decades, the population in the Dominican Republic did not achieve significant welfare improvements until recently. ... See More +

Working Paper 105723 APR 20, 2016

Cabrera,Maynor Vinicio; Aristy Escuder,Jaime Miguel; Moreno-Dodson,Blanca; Sanchez Martin,Miguel Eduardo English Disclosed

Poverty and inequality in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2011 : Siromaštvo i nejednakost u Bosni i Hercegovini 2007-2011 (Bosnian)

This note describes the trends in, and composition of, absolute poverty based on household expenditures, and is thus concerned, as a matter of policy objectives, with access of the population to a particular minimum standard of living. ... See More +

Other Poverty Study 97643 MAY 01, 2015

English Disclosed

Transcript of oral history interview with Raja Chelliah held on November 15, 1991 (English)

In November 1991, Raja Chelliah was interviewed on behalf of the World Bank Group Archives oral history program by John Lewis, Richard Webb, and Devesh Kapur. ... See More +

Transcript 105704 NOV 15, 1991


Responding to changing global needs : the role of multilateral development finance - remarks by A.W. Clausen, President of The World Bank and IFC to the foreign policy association (English)

The report includes the discussion regarding economic growth. In our efforts to secure sustained non-inflationary economic growth and the progressive alleviation of poverty across the globe, the authors have to dismantle as well as build. ... See More +

Working Paper 97350 MAY 30, 1985

Clausen,A. W. Disclosed