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Building capacity to make transport work for women and men in Vietnam : gender and transport challenges (English)

Women and men use rural and urban transport for different purposes based on their socially determined roles and responsibilities. Poor rural transport systems limit access to markets, education, and health services for all, but even more so for women and girls. ... See More +

Brief 67980 JAN 01, 2012


Gender and transport in the Middle East and North Africa region : case studies from the West Bank and Yemen (English)

Mobility is a major factor of access to economic resources, education, health, and other key elements influencing women's empowerment. In the Middle East and North Africa's countries, like in many other developing economies, women's mobility is constrained not only by the limited, sometimes unaffordable transport supply but also by social and cultural factors that frame women's access to the outside world and exacerbate the supply problem. ... See More +

Country Gender Assessment (CGA) 54788 DEC 01, 2011


What do existing household surveys tell us about gender and transportation in developing countries? (English)

Access to affordable, reliable, and safe transportation is critical in improving the welfare of individuals in developing countries. Yet, transport data are limited overall, and data that address the different patterns of use by women and men are even scarcer. ... See More +

Journal Article 84388 JAN 01, 2011

Babinard, Julie; Scott, Kinnon Disclosed

Making transport work for women and men : tools for task teams (English)

The primary objective of this report is to provide brief, relevant, and practical tools for World Bank task teams and their country counterparts to facilitate their work in addressing gender issues in transport policies and projects. ... See More +

Other Infrastructure Study 68750 JAN 01, 2010


Including gender in the World Bank transport strategy (English)

This paper describes the need to update the World Bank's transport sector strategy to respond to important changes of approach in international Development. ... See More +

Working Paper 84180 AUG 01, 2006

Roberts, Peter; Kunieda, Mika Disclosed

Guinea - Proposal for gender and transport interventions (revised) : Republique de Guinee - Programme national des infrastructures rurales : composante "genre" - rapport de la mission d'identification (French)

There is a significant amount of relevant information concerning women and rural transport in Africa. However much of this knowledge focuses on root causes and documents issues with little available concerning best options and practices. ... See More +

Working Paper 24970 APR 20, 1999