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Uzbekistan - District Heating Energy Efficiency Project (English)

The development objective of the District Heating Energy Efficiency Project for Uzbekistan is to improve the efficiency and quality of heating and hot water services in selected cities within the territory of the Recipient. ... See More +

Project Appraisal Document PAD1065 JAN 03, 2018


Grenada - Safety Net Advancement Project : restructuring (English)

The objectives of the Safety Net Advancement Project for Grenada are to: (i) strengthen the basic architecture of the consolidated Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program and the capacity of the Ministry of Social Development to implement it; (ii) improve coverage of poor households receiving cash transfers; and (iii) improve education outcomes of poor children and health monitoring of vulnerable households. ... See More +

Project Paper RES30582 DEC 20, 2017


Challenges in assessing the costs of household cooking energy in lower-income countries (English)

The paper discusses challenges in analyzing the costs of household cooking methods (fuels and associated stove technologies) in lower-income countries, and sources of divergence between observed and true social costs. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8008 MAR 20, 2017

Toman,Michael A.; Bluffstone,Randall Disclosed

Djibouti - Household Survey 2017 Project (English)

The development objective of Household Survey 2017 Project for Djibouti is to support the Department of Statistics and Demographic Studies (DISED) to collect, analyze and disseminate data emanating from the Household Survey for Social Indicators (Enquete Djiboutienne Aupres de Menages, EDAM) 2017. ... See More +

Project Paper PP2288 FEB 24, 2017

Arabic Disclosed

House construction : the good and the bad infrastructure - setting out, foundation, concrete works, walls, roof, floor, services (English)

Indonesia has experienced a number of natural disasters in the recent past that have damaged or destroyed large numbers of residential housing. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 114978 JAN 01, 2017

Heinz Unger, Ekart Hartmann dan; Herawati,Octaviera Ratna Disclosed

Scalable business models for alternative biomass cooking fuels and their potential in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

Building on its previous work on clean cooking in Africa, the World Bank has begun to explore intervention strategies for the clean cooking sector that move beyond stoves to examine the potential for cleaner-burning biomass fuels. ... See More +

Working Paper 120561 JAN 01, 2017

Hyseni,Besnik; Usui,Kenta; Kappen,Jan Friedrich; Hosier,Richard H.; Tao,Nuyi Disclosed

Egypt - Household Natural Gas Connection Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 25) : Site - specific environmental and social impact assessment for Qaluob amd Qalubia Governorate (English)

The development objective of Households Natural Gas Connection Project for Egypt aims for greater use of natural gas for domestic users and reduction of government subsidies of the energy sector (LPG). ... See More +

Environmental Assessment SFG2390 SEP 01, 2016

Mahmoud,Enas Shaaban Disclosed

Intrahousehold bargaining and resource allocation in developing countries (English)

Many key development outcomes depend on women s ability to negotiate favorable intrahousehold allocations of resources. Yet it has been difficult to clearly identify which policies can increase women’s bargaining power and result in better outcomes. ... See More +

Journal Article 112497 FEB 01, 2013

Doss,Cheryl Disclosed