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The impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on firm entry and performance in Turkey (English)

This study analyses how the Syrian refugee inflows into turkey affected firm entry and performance. To estimate the casual effects, instrumental variables, difference-indifferences and synthetic control methodologies are used. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8323 JAN 30, 2018

Akgunduz,Yusuf Emre; van den Berg,Marcel; Hassink,Wolter Disclosed

Reshaping urbanization in Rwanda : economic and spatial trends and proposals - note 2 : internal migration in Rwanda (English)

The objective of this report is to inform the government’s policies and strategies on urbanization as a driver of economic development, job creation, and poverty reduction. ... See More +

Working Paper 122175 DEC 08, 2017

Bundervoet,Tom; Parby,Jonas Ingemann; Nakamura,Shohei; Choi,Narae Disclosed

Indonesia’s global workers : juggling opportunities and risks (English)

International labor migration is an important sector of the Indonesian economy in its own right, requiring commensurate efforts to improve its professionalism as a sector and instill modernization across its various components to maximize its potential for the benefit of all stakeholders.This report aims to point towards the best policy mix for Indonesia’s various international migrant worker groups who face widely differing risks and gain diverse economic benefits from migration. ... See More +

Working Paper 121691 NOV 01, 2017

Bahasa (Indonesian) Disclosed

Migration and remittances : Special topic : return migration (English)

This Migration and Development Brief reports global trends in migration and remittance flows, major policy developments, and the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators for reducing remittance costs and recruitment costs. ... See More +

Working Paper 120240 OCT 01, 2017


Migration and mobility (English)

Most Europe and Central Asia (ECA) economies are showing more rapid growth than previously expected, reflecting a strengthening of growth in industrial production and exports in recent months. ... See More +

Working Paper 120539 OCT 01, 2017


Labour mobility: the ten billion dollar prize (English)

This is a background paper to the Pacific Possible report. The paper proposes a series reforms to enhance labor mobility opportunities for Pacific Island countries. ... See More +

Publication 119105 FEB 01, 2017

Curtain,Richard Leigh; Dornan,Matthew Selwyn; Doyle,Jesse Jon Gerome; Howes,Stephen Disclosed

Magnet cities : migration and commuting in Romania (English)

Romania is the fastest growing economy in the European Union (EU), and Bucharest and Romania’s secondary cities have been its main growth engines. ... See More +

Working Paper 116400 JAN 01, 2017

Cristea,Marius; Mare,Codruța; Moldovan,Ciprian; China,Andreea-Mirela; Farole,Thomas; Vințan,Adina; Park,Jane; Garrett,Keith Patrick; Ionescu-Heroiu,Marcel Disclosed

The long-term impact of international migration on economic decision-making : evidence from a migration lottery and lab-in-the-field experiments (English)

This paper studies how migration from a poor to a rich country affects key economic beliefs, preference parameters, and transnational household decision-making efficiency. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7848 OCT 03, 2016

Gibson,John; Mckenzie,David J.; Rohorua,Halahingano; Stillman,Steven Disclosed

The impact of financial literacy training for migrants (English)

Remittances are a major source of external financing for many developing countries, but the cost of sending them remains high in many migration corridors. ... See More +

Journal Article 112400 DEC 23, 2012

Gibson,Alan John; Mckenzie,David J.; Zia,Bilal Husnain Disclosed

Projects and people : a handbook for addressing project-induced in-migration (English)

Migration associated with economic opportunity is a common phenomenon. One form of migration is project-induced in-migration, which involves the movement of people into an area in anticipation of, or in response to, economic opportunities associated with the development and/or operation of a new project. ... See More +

Working Paper 62631 SEP 01, 2009