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Technical assessment of open data platforms for national statistical organisations (English)

The term "open data" is generally understood to be data that are made available to the public free of charge, without registration or restrictive licenses, for any purpose whatsoever (including commercial purposes), in electronic, machine-readable formats that ensure data are easy to find, download and use. ... See More +

Working Paper 92810 OCT 18, 2014


ICP work plan and timetable (English)

This report presents calendar of international comparison program (ICP) work plan and timetable for management, fund raising, and advocacy; meetings; capacity building, documentation, quality, and software; methodology; price survey preparations; price data collection, validation, and transmission; national accounts implementation for ICP; and preparation of regional and global results for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and January to March, 2014. ... See More +

Working Paper 90209 FEB 21, 2010


Technology, adaptation, and exports : How some developing countries got it right (English)

The literature on technological change and growth has mainly used econometric models to establish that factors, such as the degree of openness, skills, research and development expenditures, number of patents etc., are critical determinants of innovation and its effect on growth. ... See More +

Publication 36800 JUN 23, 2006

Chandra, Vandana [editor] Disclosed

World - Communications Mission : Communications and nam theun 2: transparency, ease of access, interaction - September 2, 2002 (English)

An Aide Memoire of Communications Mission was conducted on September 2, 2002 in Lao PDR to discuss the third condition of support for the Nam Theun 2 hydroelectric project as laid out in the August 2001 aide memoire. ... See More +

Aide Memoire 67563 SEP 02, 2002