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Technology breakthroughs : the nerve of development in Africa? (French)

Working Paper 119911 SEP 20, 2017


Blockchain in development : part I - a new mechanism of trust? (English)

Blockchain is an exciting new technology that may prove to be a radical innovation - similar to technologies such as the steam engine and the Internet that triggered previous industrial revolutions - with the power to disrupt existing economic and business models. ... See More +

Brief 118734 JUL 01, 2017

Niforos, Marina Disclosed

Bringing climate opportunities to entrepreneurs : lessons learned from the Caribbean climate innovation center (English)

This Climate Technology Program (CTP) brief focuses on the growing opportunities of the clean technology sector in Caribbean. The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) was launched in January 2014 to help local companies build their businesses in climate-related sectors. ... See More +

Brief 115295 JAN 01, 2017

Zheng,Xue Disclosed

Poland catching-up regions : activating entrepreneurship in deprived areas (English)

This document proposes a design for an enterprise support scheme in Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie regions of Poland. The objective of the Enterprise Competitiveness Scheme (ECS) is to support further competitiveness of Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in targeted regions to increase their contribution to regional economic growth, particularly through jobs. ... See More +

Working Paper 115354 JAN 01, 2017

Kilroy,Austin Francis Louis; Tekieli-Bisińska,Dorota; Szczucki,Jan; Gajewski,Maciej; Stronkowski,Piotr Karol Disclosed

African home-grown innovations take off (English)

Over the last decade African advances in technology, especially in the home-grown mobile banking sector, have shown how innovation can contribute to economic development across the continent. ... See More +

Brief 109456 SEP 01, 2016

Broadman,Harry G. Disclosed

India - Technology Center Systems Project (English)

Manufacturing has long been recognized as an essential driver of economic development for most countries, as it has an important economic and employment multiplier effect. ... See More +

Brief 119943 AUG 25, 2016


Connecting green technology entrepreneurs : implications for public program design (English)

This brief explains about What is the role that connections can play in helping green technology entrepreneurs innovate and scale up in developing countries, so as to inform the design of new public sector programs? ... See More +

Brief 115290 JAN 01, 2016

White,Justine Disclosed