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Understanding the effects of the Taxa de Longo Prazo (TLP) reform in Brazil (Portuguese,English)

The creation of the Taxa de Longo Prazo (TLP) to substitute the Taxa de Juros de Longo Prazo (TJLP), as envisaged in the, Provisional Decree (Medida Provisoria) N. 777 debated in the Brazilian Congress can have significant impact on Brazil’s economic performance. ... See More +

Working Paper 117812 JUL 01, 2017

Byskov,Steen; Clavijo,Mateo Disclosed

The platform for cooperation on tax : Discussion draft : addressing the information gaps on prices of minerals sold in an intermediate form (English)

Addressing the Information Gaps on Prices of Minerals Sold in an Intermediate Form This draft document is a supplement to “A Toolkit for Addressing Difficulties in Accessing Comparables Data for Transfer Pricing Analysis,” which is designed to assist developing countries in overcoming a lack of comparables data used in transfer pricing analysis. ... See More +

Working Paper 112221 JAN 23, 2017


Jordan - National Unified Registry and Outreach Worker Program Project (English)

Project Information Document PIDA1115 JUL 10, 2013


Jordan - National Unified Registry and Outreach Worker Program Project : الأردن-سجل وطني موحد ومشروع البرنامج عامل الاتصال (Arabic)

Project Information Document PIDA1115 JUL 10, 2013


Report : the costs of tax compliance in Armenia (Luhya,Armenian)

The report represents the main results of IFC's 2010 survey of private sector companies and individual entrepreneurs in Armenia. Its findings evaluate the cost of compliance with tax legislation and supervisory bodies to fulfill tax liabilities by legal entities (companies) and individual entrepreneurs in 2009. ... See More +

Working Paper 114590 JAN 01, 2011

Coolidge,Jacqueline; Loeprick,Jan; Pyatachenko,Dmitry; Mesropyan,Anzhela; Stern,Richard Disclosed

Tax perception and compliance cost surveys : a tool for tax reform (Spanish)

One of the fastest-growing areas of work to improve the investment climates of developing and transition economies (as well as many developed ones) involves enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and fairness of business taxes. ... See More +

Working Paper 91185 JAN 01, 2011

English Disclosed

A tax–based approach to slowing global climate change (English)

This paper discusses the design of CO2 taxes at the domestic and international level and the choice of taxes versus cap and trade. There is a strong case for taxes on uncertainty, fiscal, and distributional grounds, though this critically hinges on policy specifics and how revenues are used. ... See More +

Working Paper 111587 SEP 01, 2008

Aldy, Joseph E.; Ley,Eduardo; Parry,Ian W.H. Disclosed

Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) annual report 2001-2002 (English)

The Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (cao) is an independentpost that reports directly tothe president of the World BankGroup. Its mandate is twofold: first, to help the ifc and migaaddress—in a manner that is fair,objective, and constructive—complaints made by people who have been or may be affected by projects in which the ifc andmiga play a role; and, second,to enhance the social and environmental outcomes of those projects. ... See More +

Annual Report 108401 SEP 01, 2002


Thailand - Tax Computerization Project (English)

This is the implementation completion report (ICR) for the Tax Computerization Project in Thailand. The main objective of the project was to assist the borrower in establishing a modem tax administration system through the provision of appropriate hardware, software and systems, and technical assistance supporting computerization and project implementation. ... See More +

Implementation Completion and Results Report 16745 JUN 23, 1997