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World development report 2017 : rent creation and rent containment - the political economy of telecommunications in Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey (English)

The evolution of the telecommunications sector is of keen interest from both a development and a political economy perspective. Telecommunications is critical to economic dynamics, to the quality of life, to social service provision, and to citizen engagement. ... See More +

World Development Report 112874 JAN 01, 2017

Atiyas,Izak; Levy,Brian David; Walton,Michael Disclosed

Post-disaster needs assessment guidelines : telecommunications (English)

The Telecommunications sub-sector is of special relevance to many developing countries that are affected by disasters of any kind, as the ability to communicate is of paramount importance during emergencies and in subsequent post-disaster stages. ... See More +

Working Paper 114526 JAN 01, 2017


Botswana - Country partnership framework (English)

This document details the scope and the main elements of the Country Partnership Framework (CPF) with the Republic of Botswana for FY16–20. The previous Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), considered by the Board on May 21, 2009 and completed in 2013 has built a solid foundation to design the new World Bank Group (WBG) program. ... See More +

Working Paper 104953 APR 20, 2016

Diop,Makhtar; Chen,Guang Zhe; Imnadze,Elene; Velev,Ivan Disclosed

Guatemala, an early spectrum management reformer (English)

Guatemala, the most populated State in Central America with 15.7 million people and 3,340 United States dollar (USD) gross national income (GNI) per capita in 2013, is an example of early spectrum management liberalization. ... See More +

World Development Report 102956 JUN 01, 2015

Garcia,Jose Marino Disclosed

Inclusive business case study : Millicom (English)

This brief talks about Millicom, financed by IFC is a leading international telecommunications and media company dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. ... See More +

Brief 120085 SEP 01, 2014


Idea Cellular (English)

This brief talks about the performance of Idea Cellular Limited (Idea) is the fastest growing telecom service provider in India. In February 2007, Idea engaged in an initial public offering to raise the capital necessary to support a network expansion. ... See More +

Brief 119887 AUG 01, 2012


Gabon - Fourth Adaptable Program Loan (APL4) for the Central African Backbone Project : environmental assessment : Cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale (French)

Environmental Assessment SFG3647 JAN 01, 2012

Feno,Paul-Jean Disclosed

Providing more widely available, affordable and varied telecom services for the people of Vanuatu (English)

This Results Profile talks about providing more widely available, affordable and varied telecom services for the people of Vanuatu. The government of Vanuatu was undertaking a comprehensive economic reform program in the infrastructure sectors, including telecommunications. ... See More +

Brief 95533 MAR 28, 2010


Papua New Guinea - Third Telecommunications Project (English)

This is the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) for the Third TelecommunicationsProject in Papua New Guinea. The objectives of the project were to: (a) help the Government prepare and implement appropriate sector policies, regulations and procedures; (b) improve Post and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC's) institutional efficiency through a training program; and (c) rehabilitate and expand existing telecommunications facilities. ... See More +

Implementation Completion and Results Report 16824 JUN 30, 1997


Indonesia - Third Telecommunications Project (English)

This is the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) for the Third Telecommunications Project in Indonesia. The primary development objectives of the project were defined as follows: (a) to assist the GOI in improving overall management of the sector; (b) enhance Perusahaan Umum Telekomuinikasi, PERUMTEL’s (Telecommunications Public Corporation) institutional capability; and (c) support cost-effective and efficient implementation of a large investment program. ... See More +

Implementation Completion and Results Report 16761 JUN 23, 1997