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The Nile story : 15 years of Nile cooperation - making an impact (English)

The Nile Story is one of immense challenges and remarkable achievements for the economic development of the region. It begins in 1999, when the ministers in charge of water affairs in the Nile countries agreed to form the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI). ... See More +

Working Paper 102246 DEC 01, 2015


Restoring the Nile Basin (English)

Watershed management has come to be recognized as a critical issue in the Nile Basin. Upstream land use can cause degradation and soil erosion, resulting in lower agricultural yields locally and causing sedimentation downstream. ... See More +

Brief 102254 MAY 01, 2015


The Nile story : powering the Nile basin (English)

The Nile countries are endowed with substantial energy resources. Yet, these have not been fully tapped and several Nile countries have low levels of access to electricity. ... See More +

Brief 102248 MAY 01, 2015


The Nile story : highlights of 15 years of Nile cooperation (English)

In 1999, nine Nile basin countries came together in a remarkable partnership. They formed the Nile basin initiative as a platform for joint working to better understand and utilize the common Nile resource, to harness the benefits for equitable and sustainable regional economic development. ... See More +

Brief 102247 MAY 01, 2015


Cooperation in the Nile Basin : sharing and using knowledge to improve water resource management (English)

The countries of the Nile Basin have been working together for the past 15 years to build a program of cooperation that allows them to utilize their shared resource equitably for regional economic development. ... See More +

Brief 102252 MAY 01, 2015


Reducing flood devastation in the Nile Basin (English)

A regional cooperation effort coordinated by the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) has created a credible system that links multiple stakeholders to work together to address flooding and its impacts. ... See More +

Brief 102253 MAY 01, 2015


Benefits for women in Nile economic development (English)

Women and girls often risk being left behind in development, not being fully informed or involved in decision making about issues that can have a real impact on their lives. ... See More +

Brief 102255 MAY 01, 2015


The Nile story : changing lives in the Nile basin (English)

A remarkable program of cooperation in the Nile basin is bringing change to millions of people living in poverty. By promoting trust and cooperation between the 10 Nile countries, the Nile basin initiative (NBI) has enabled these countries to advance a shared vision for development of the region based on sustainable management and equitable use of the Nile water resources. ... See More +

Brief 102250 MAY 01, 2015


Cooperation on the Nile - bringing down the glass wall (English)

A unique cooperation program, working across different countries with varying national interests, stakeholders, and projects, has brought down the glass wall. ... See More +

Brief 102251 MAY 01, 2015


The Nile story : building climate resilience (English)

Climate change is a critical issue facing the countries of the Nile basin. While individual weather events are difficult to attribute to climate change, their sum is already having adverse effects on socioeconomic conditions across the region. ... See More +

Brief 102249 MAY 01, 2015


Independent Evaluation of the Nile Basin Trust Fund (NBTF) : Final report (English)

Stockholm International Water Institute was contracted by the World Bank in August 2012 to undertake an Independent Evaluation of the Nile Basin Trust Fund (NBTF). ... See More +

Working Paper 89277 JUN 27, 2013

Earle, Anton; Nordin, Kikki; Cascao, Ana Elisa; Rukundo, Drake; Seide, Wondwosen Michago; Björklund, Gunilla Disclosed