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A negotiator's guide to regional trade agreements : considerations from an East Asian perspective : policy research report (English)

This report maps out the evolving architecture of regional trade agreements concluded by the major trading countries and the countries of East Asia. ... See More +

Other Poverty Study 42854 FEB 01, 2008

Baller, Silja; Sergi, Gregory Disclosed

Trade issues in East Asia : overcoming trade barriers from standards and technical regulations (English)

This paper is about trade issues in East Asia. One of the most important non-tariff measures is regulations and standards aimed at securing the safety and or quality of products, labeling requirements and protection of the environment. ... See More +

Policy Note 42720 JAN 01, 2008

Haddad , Mona Disclosed

A survey of non-tariff measures in the East Asia and Pacific region : policy research report (English)

This report seeks to give a multifaceted view of non-tariff issues facing countries in the East Asia and Pacific region both vis-a-vis their most important export markets as well as intra-regionally. ... See More +

Other Poverty Study 42853 JAN 01, 2008


Preferential rules of origin : policy research report (English)

Rules of origin are a necessary feature of any regional trade agreement. They ensure that preferences are available only to the signatories of the agreement and that imports from non-members do not avoid customs duties by entering through the member with the lowest tariff. ... See More +

Policy Note 40216 JUN 01, 2007


East Asian FTAs in services (English)

Bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTAs) are proliferating across the globe, fundamentally altering the governance of world trade. Many of the recently concluded FTAs are comprehensive in their coverage, seeking to not only dismantle barriers to trade in goods but also the liberalization of trade in services. ... See More +

Policy Note 40175 JUN 01, 2007