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Strengthening Bangladesh's public service commission (English)

Bangladesh's Public Service Commission (PSC) is a constitutionally mandated custodian of merit-based recruitment to the civil service. In practice, however, it is perceived to be a weak organization that has not always well-managed the recruitment process. ... See More +

Other Public Sector Study 68371 JAN 01, 2012


Strengthening local governance : defining the role of Upazila and Union Parishads (English)

This note focuses on the rural sector. It takes as its starting point the premise that the Upazila and the Union Parishads can jointly form the backbone of a system of rural local governments in Bangladesh. ... See More +

Other Public Sector Study 68367 JAN 01, 2012


Bangladesh - Improving competitiveness through trade policy reforms (English)

In an increasingly competitive, globalizing world, Bangladesh needs to rationalize its tariff structure and lower overall protection so that its exports can compete in world markets. ... See More +

Foreign Trade, FDI, and Capital Flows Study 68395 MAY 27, 2007


Bangladesh - Prices of essential commodities : recent trends, underlying factors and policy options (English)

There is a concern in Bangladesh that prices of essential commodities, mainly food items including rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, edible oils, ginger, garlic, onion and potato, have shown an upward trend in the past several months. ... See More +

Commodities Study 68394 APR 07, 2007


Petroleum prices in Bangladesh : a need for regular and appropriate adjustments (English)

Under-pricing of diesel and kerosene continues to cause major financial problems for Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC), which is losing over Tk 2 billion monthly. ... See More +

Energy Study 68379 FEB 18, 2007


A briefing note on the port sector in Bangladesh (English)

Traffic at Chittagong Port, which handles 90 percent of Bangladesh's foreign trade, has been growing rapidly. The volume of containers handled has increased by over 10 percent a year over the last decade and a similar or faster growth rate is projected for the foreseeable future. ... See More +

Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report 68380 FEB 15, 2007


Bangladesh - Curbing corruption and strengthening governance : a note on strengthening anticorruption initiatives (English)

There is a growing consensus among development practitioners about the importance of governance to poverty reduction and economic growth, although there remains disagreement about the direction of causality. ... See More +

Legal and Judicial Sector Assessment 68383 FEB 14, 2007


Mitigating Bangladesh's power crisis : possible response options - a briefing note for the Ministry of Finance (English)

Bangladesh today is in the grips of a major power crisis. There are several dimensions to the crisis: operational, financial and relating to power generation. ... See More +

Energy Study 68393 FEB 08, 2007


Inflation in Bangladesh : trends, sources and policy options (English)

Inflation in Bangladesh has increased from 1.9 percent in FY01 to 7.2 percent in FY06. The biggest increase was in food prices. Food price inflation increased from 1.4 percent in FY01 to 7.8 percent in FY06. ... See More +

Country Financial Accountability Assessment 68385 FEB 13, 2006