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China, India, and the future of the world economy : fierce competition or shared growth? (English)

Although both China and India are labor-abundant and dependant on manufactures, their export mixes are very different. Only one product-refined petroleum-appears in the top 25 products for both countries, and services exports are roughly twice as important for India as for China, which is much better integrated into global production networks. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4304 AUG 01, 2007

Dimaranan, Betina; Ianchovichina, Elena; Martin, William J. Disclosed

Growth trends in the developing world : country forecasts and determinants (English)

The authors present real per capita GDP growth forecasts for all developing countries for the period 2005-14. For 55 of these countries, representing major world regions and accounting for close to 80 percent of the developing world's GDP, they forecast the growth effects of the main forces underpinning growth, assuming that these evolve following past trends. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3775 NOV 01, 2005

Ianchovichina, Elena; Kacker, Pooja Disclosed