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Bangladesh - State of the economy and near to medium-term challenges (English)

The Awami league, voted to power by Bangladesh's electorate in last December's national elections, has laid out a vision that promises to take Bangladesh to a middle-income status by 2021. ... See More +

Other Poverty Study 68250 FEB 16, 2009


Bangladesh - Policy note on climate change (English)

The country is ranked as the most vulnerable to natural disasters due to frequent cyclones, storm surges and floods, coupled with a high population density and growth, and low climate resilience. ... See More +

Other Environmental Study 68249 FEB 11, 2009


Agriculture in Bangladesh : a note on food security by enhancing productivity (English)

Awami League's Election Manifesto 2008 appropriately recognizes the importance of ensuring food security for all in Bangladesh. Food Security requires increasing agricultural growth which in turn is a key factor in reducing poverty in the country. ... See More +

Other Agricultural Study 68247 JAN 30, 2009


Bangladesh - Energy policy note for the new government (English)

Bangladesh suffers from significant shortages of power generation capacity and natural gas. Addressing these problems will require concerted action to improve services, restructure energy sector finances, and bolster governance. ... See More +

68248 JAN 01, 2009