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Nigeria - Country partnership strategy progress report for FY2010-FY2013 : IEG CPSCR review (English)

This review examines the implementation of the FY2010-2013 country partnership strategy (CPS) of FY2010 and the CPS progress report (CPSPR) of FY2012, and assesses the CPS completion report (CPSCR). ... See More +

CAS Completion Report Review 87026 APR 08, 2014

Nigeria - Country partnership strategy progress report for FY2010-FY2013 (English)

This Progress Report (CPSPR) assesses the implementation of the Nigeria Country Partnership Strategy for 2010-2013 (CPS) and proposes mid-course corrections to the Strategy. ... See More +

CAS Progress Report 63505 SEP 20, 2011

Nigeria - Country partnership strategy : chairman's concluding remarks (English)

Board Summary 49628 JUL 28, 2009

Nigeria - Country assistance strategy (CAS) completion report review : IEG review (English)

The FY2006-09 country partnership strategy (CPS) sought to support the government's program laid out in its National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS). ... See More +

CAS Completion Report Review 49574 JUL 17, 2009

Nigeria - Country partnership strategy for the period 2010-2013 (English)

The country partnership strategy (CPS) covers FY10-13 and focuses on three themes to transform and diversify Nigeria's economy: (i) improving governance; (ii) maintaining non-oil growth; and (iii) promoting human development, identified by the Government and reaffirmed in the stakeholder consultations. ... See More +

Country Assistance Strategy Document 46816 JUL 02, 2009