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Lao PDR - Labor standards and productivity in the garments export sector : a survey of managers and workers (English)

This report describes labor practices in the Lao garments export sector as seen by both management and labor. The main objective of this report is to present the differing perspectives on working conditions between managers and workers, and to explore ways in which the Lao garment sector could break out of this unsustainable situation. ... See More +

Other Infrastructure Study 70809 JUL 01, 2012


Lao PDR - Mapping the gender dimensions of trade : a preliminary exposition (English)

The Lao Government has also made important commitments to gender equality in both its national socio-economic development planning and in a number of international agreements. ... See More +

General Economy, Macroeconomics and Growth Study 70808 JUL 01, 2012


What are the determinants of export success? Analyzing firm-product-destination export survival rates in Lao PDR (English)

New analysis of firm-level customs data from the Lao PDR shows that export flows in value terms are dominated by large firms supplying the same products to the same markets from one year to the next. ... See More +

Brief 68932 NOV 01, 2011


Gender and entrepreneurship : evidence from the new enterprise survey for Lao PDR (English)

There are significant differences in the characteristics of enterprises operated by male and female entrepreneurs in Laos. Firms owned by women tend to be smaller, are less likely to export and are less sophisticated in their use of finance and technology. ... See More +

Brief 68931 SEP 01, 2011


Do exporters still face a heavier regulatory burden than non-exporters? Evidence from the new enterprise survey for Lao PDR (English)

Previous surveys of enterprises in Laos have suggested that exporters face a heavier regulatory burden than non-exporters. The government has embarked on a major program of reforms to customs and trade facilitation procedures, but this work is still in the early stages. ... See More +

Brief 68929 JUL 05, 2011


Operating costs of trade-related sanitary and phytosanitary surveillance activities in the Lao PDR (English)

The assessment makes use of information from three sources: 1) technical staff of relevant government agencies identified pertinent cost items for the various activities they are carrying out; ii) Cost information, especially laboratory test fees, from Thailand and Vietnam provided benchmark information on cost levels in well-established laboratories in the region as well as costs of purchasing diagnostic services as an alternative to conducting tests by Lao PDR laboratories; and iii) international laboratory specialists provided information and stylized estimates for the costs of use of expensive laboratory equipment. ... See More +

Brief 59985 JUL 01, 2010


Sanitary and phytosanitary measures : enhancing agro-food trade in the Lao PDR (English)

The study examines legal and regulatory measures, border crossing procedures and institutional capacities affecting Lao agro-food exports and imports. ... See More +

Brief 59983 JUN 01, 2010


Lao PDR trade facilitation performance : an update from the 2010 logistics performance index (English)

New data from the World Bank's logistics performance index suggests that the Lao PDR has made modest improvements in connectively to international markets, particularly in measures of the frequency of which international shipments arrive on schedule and the ability of shippers to track and trade consignments. ... See More +

Brief 59982 JAN 01, 2010


Mapping the Lao product space (English)

Recent research by the World Bank team in Laos applying the, product space? methodology suggests that while the rate of export discovery into new products has been high, the Lao export basket remains undiversified and the country vulnerable to a number of risks. ... See More +

Brief 59981 DEC 01, 2009