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Bank governance (English)

Principles of good governance have been a major component of international financial standards and are seen as essential to the stability and integrity of financial systems. ... See More +

Brief 53771 MAR 01, 2010

Ard, Laura; Berg, Alexander Disclosed

State financial institutions : Can they be relied on to kick-start lending? (English)

The need to kick-start lending to the real sector in response to the global financial crisis is leading many countries to expand the role of state-owned financial institutions. ... See More +

Brief 53770 JAN 01, 2010

Rudolph, Heinz P. Disclosed

The leverage ratio (English)

Excessive leverage by banks is widely believed to have contributed to the global financial crisis. To address this, the international community has proposed the adoption of a non-risk-based capital measure, the leverage ratio, as an additional prudential tool to complement minimum capital adequacy requirements. ... See More +

Brief 53044 DEC 01, 2009

D'Hulster, Katia Disclosed

Financial paradigms (English)

What market and regulatory issues led to the subprime crisis? How should prudential regulation be fixed? The answers depend on the interpretative lenses or 'paradigms' through which one sees finance. ... See More +

Brief 53043 NOV 01, 2009

Torre, Augusto de la; Ize, Alain Disclosed

Credit rating agencies (English)

In the United States and Europe faulty credit ratings and flawed rating processes are widely perceived as being among the key contributors to the global financial crisis. ... See More +

Brief 53041 OCT 01, 2009

Katz, Jonathan; Salinas, Emanuel; Stephanou, Constantinos Disclosed

Banks in crisis (English)

The current financial crisis evolved quickly. In most of the developed countries affected, governments initially improvised solutions that eventually led to substantial investments in systemically important banks. ... See More +

Brief 53042 OCT 01, 2009

Scott, David Disclosed

Macro-prudential regulation (English)

This is not the first international banking crisis the world has seen. The previous ones occurred without credit default swaps, special investment vehicles, or even credit ratings. ... See More +

Brief 50347 JUL 01, 2009

Persaud, Avinash Disclosed

Dynamic provisioning (English)

Dynamic loan loss provisions can help deal with procyclicality in banking. By allowing earlier detection and coverage of credit losses in loan portfolios, they enable banks to build up a buffer in good times that can be used in bad times. ... See More +

Brief 50349 JUL 01, 2009

Saurina, Jesus Disclosed

Trust less, verify more (English)

Financial supervision will need to change in response to the causes of the financial crisis and the regulatory proposals arising from it. Supervisors will need to take a tougher and more challenging approach to the firms they regulate, exercise more supervisory judgment, involve themselves in macro-prudential oversight, and participate more actively in the supervision of firms with cross-border activities. ... See More +

Brief 50342 JUL 01, 2009

Briault, Clive Disclosed

Smaller but safer? (English)

Global trends taken for granted in recent decades, the big expansion in global financial assets compared with underlying economic activity, growing global financial integration, shrinking role of the state in financial systems, and rising share of cross-border ownership of financial institutions, may reverse over the foreseeable future. ... See More +

Brief 49516 JUN 01, 2009

Stephanou, Constantinos Disclosed

The reform agenda (English)

The financial crisis has prompted a shift toward a tighter and more macro-prudential approach to financial regulation. But the reform agenda still needs to address the role of supervisory (rather than regulatory) failures, while the institutional arrangements needed to implement the new framework remain to be worked out. ... See More +

Brief 49515 JUN 01, 2009

Stephanou, Constantinos Disclosed

Blanket guarantees (English)

The expansion of deposit insurance and introduction of debt guarantees have played a crucial role in containing the financial crisis while giving governments time to develop suitable policy responses. ... See More +

Brief 50363 JUN 01, 2009

Feyen, Erik ; Vittas, Dimitri Disclosed

UCW newsletter (8) (English)

This Understanding Children's Work (UCW) newsletter includes some of the following headlines: featured research: 1) child labor in India and Bangladesh: a preliminary gender based analysis; 2) child labor in Latin America and Caribbean region: a gender based analysis; 3) towards the effective measurement of domestic child labor: building estimates using standard household survey instruments. ... See More +

Newsletter 49512 JUN 01, 2009