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Seeing is believing : poverty in the palestinian territories (English)

The Palestinian Territories have a uniquely fragmented geography, characterized by the isolation of Gaza from the rest of the world, and the man-made barriers to mobility within the West Bank. ... See More +

Working Paper 86038 JAN 01, 2014

Vishwanath, Tara; Blankespoor, Brian; Calandra, Faythe; Krishnan, Nandini; Mahadevan, Meera; Yoshida, Mobuo Disclosed

Aspirations on hold? Young lives in the West Bank and Gaza (English)

Seventy percent of West Bank and Gaza's population is under the age of 30, and their share will continue to grow in the years ahead. The aspirations and ambitions of this large and growing population of children and youth have the potential to define the future of the West Bank and Gaza. ... See More +

Working Paper 71269 OCT 26, 2012

Krishnan, Nandini; Vishwanath, Tara; Thumala, Angelica; Petesch, Patti Disclosed