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Getting a grip on climate change in the Philippines : extended technical report (English)

Philippines currently experience and will continue to face significant impacts from climate change. To ensure climate resilience, build a low-carbon economy, and increase its role in the global climate change dialogue, the Philippine government has launched strong climate policy and institutional and financing reforms, supported by a clear rationale for no-regrets action. ... See More +

Public Expenditure Review 78798 JUN 01, 2013

Crepin, Christophe Disclosed

Getting a grip on climate change in the Philippines : executive report (English)

The Philippines already experiences and will continue to face impacts from climate change. In the decades ahead, the most serious consequences will be felt in coastal and urban areas. ... See More +

Public Expenditure Review 78809 JUN 01, 2013

Crepin, Christophe Disclosed

Getting a grip...on climate change in the Philippines : overview (English)

This brief includes the following headings: global climate change is taking its toll on the Philippines; climate action can contribute to inclusive growth and poverty reduction; By acting now to develop its adaptive capacity and employ a sustainable green growth strategy expanding on mitigation opportunities, the Philippines will avoid substantial economic and humanitarian costs that could arise from the impacts of climate change; greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Philippines are increasing rapidly; the Philippines' climate reform agenda aims to consolidate climate policy across all levels of government; centralized institutional coordination supports the climate reform agenda; climate policy reform efforts are only partially aligned with development plan outcomes, limiting their effectiveness; execution and coordination of climate action are hindered by a lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities across institutions; existing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems have cumbersome reporting requirements, and the lack of climate indicators limits their usefulness; insufficient institutional capacity, including limited access to knowledge, and the complexity of planning tools have hindered efficient execution of the climate reforms and climate action; and the public finance management reform agenda provides opportunities to improve planning, prioritization, execution, and monitoring of climate project affected persons (PAPs). ... See More +

Brief 78794 JAN 01, 2013