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Estimating Costs and Benefits for Provision of Hydromet Services in Bangladesh (English)

The emergency events database (EM-DAT) records 251 major hydro-meteorological disasters in Bangladesh in the 35-year period 1980-2015. These include cold waves, heat waves, severe winter conditions, riverine floods, flash floods, coastal floods, landslides, tropical cyclones, and convective storms. ... See More +

Report 133254 JAN 01, 2019


Resilience in a Changing Climate Cryosphere Monitoring and Management in Bhutan : Technical Note (English)

The present report provides a cryosphere perspective on Bhutan’s water resources, monitoring needs, and climate services. Main concerns are with glaciers, snow, permafrost, and related cold climate conditions. ... See More +

Report 133253 AUG 25, 2018

Pillai,Poonam Disclosed

Improving lead time for tropical cyclone forecasting : review of operational practices and implications for Bangladesh (English)

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Owing to its low-lying topography, dense river network, location, and climate, it is exposed to a range of water and climate-related hazards. ... See More +

Working Paper 126068 JAN 01, 2018

Sobel,Adam Harrison; Pillai,Poonam Disclosed

Regional program for hydromet services and resilience (English)

South Asia is highly prone to weather and water related disasters such as flooding, drought, thunderstorms and cyclones. The main objective of this Regional program for hydromet services and resilience is to strengthen institutions, facilitate knowledge exchange and enhance cooperation with respect to hydrometeorological risks and hydromet services between South Asian countries. ... See More +

Brief 117752 JUL 26, 2017


Strengthening Agro-Met Services in Bhutan (English)

Agriculture is the dominant sector in Bhutan, providing livelihood, income, and employment to approximately 55 percent of the population. The majority of famers are subsistence farmers with average land holdings ranging from 1 to 4 acres. ... See More +

Report 133255 JAN 01, 2016

Abawi,Yahya; Pillai,Poonam; Tshering,Dechen; Wang,Sonam Disclosed

Moderinizing weather, water, and climate services : a road map for Bhutan (English)

Working Paper 98534 JUL 21, 2015

Pillai,Poonam; Tshering,Dechen Disclosed