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Natural Capital Accounting in Action (English)

As Swedish policymakers put together a climate bill, they relied on economic models to pinpoint policies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while minimizing costs to GDP, employment and growth. ... See More +

Report 141828 JUN 24, 2019

Samakovlis, Eva Disclosed

Natural Capital Accounting and the Sustainable Development Goals (English)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to eradicate poverty and place all countries on a sustainable development path by 2030. This requires better and more integrated information on how the economy, environment and society interact. ... See More +

Report 141827 JUN 24, 2019

Bann,Camille Anne Disclosed

Natural Capital Accounting : Providing Information for Poverty Reduction (English)

Poor people are dependent on natural capital for income. Not enough is known about the state of natural capital, how it is being used and its value. ... See More +

Report 141826 JUN 24, 2019

Bass,Steve; Steele,Paul Disclosed

Natural Capital Accounting : Land (English)

Land accounts use consistent concepts and a variety of data sources and methods to present information on land cover and land use. They follow an internationally approved protocol, ensuring that information is compatible across time and space. ... See More +

Report 141842 JAN 01, 2019


Natural Capital Accounting : Forests (English)

Forest accounts provide a more complete way to measure the forest assets and flows of forest-related services in a country, and how they change through time. ... See More +

Report 141846 MAY 31, 2016


Natural Capital Accounting : Water (English)

Natural capital accounting provides an approved and comparable framework to collect information on how water resources interact with the economy in a way that is compatible with traditional gross domestic product (GDP). ... See More +

Report 141847 MAY 31, 2016


Using Natural Capital Accounts to Inform Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Policy : Policy Briefing (English)

Marine and coastal ecosystems provide a range of critical ecosystem services, from biodiversity and culture to carbon storage and flood protection. ... See More +

Report 141843 MAY 01, 2016

Milligan,Ben; Mohammed,Essam Yassin Disclosed

Natural Capital Accounting in Action : Australia’s Water Accounts Inform Policy to Tackle Impact of Drought (English)

When severe and prolonged drought hit Australia’s Murray Darling Basin, the country’s agricultural heartland, policymakers used economic modeling to weigh up the most efficient and cost effective policies to recover water and reduce consumption. ... See More +

Report 141845 FEB 29, 2016


Natural Capital Accounting in Action : Australia’s Pilot Ecosystem Accounts Benefit Management of Great Barrier Reef (English)

How do you manage an area as vast and complex as the Great Barrier Reef? Or any other landscape subject to different human pressures over time? ... See More +

Report 141844 DEC 31, 2014


Natural Capital Accounting in Action : Guatemala’s Forest Accounts Link Forest Resources with the Economy (English)

Guatemala lost forty percent of its forest cover between 1950 and 2001. Concerns regarding the future of forests and the forestry sector prompted key government agencies, including the Central Bank working with the Rafael Landivar University, to begin constructing forest accounts in 2006, publishing them in 2009. ... See More +

Report 141841 DEC 31, 2014