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Big data solutions in forced migration : innovations in analytics to promote humane, sustainable responses to forced migration (English)

Emerging technologies based on big data analytics offer potential for vastly enhanced data on forced migration flows, which can provide detailed and accurate information on the needs and motives of forced migrants. ... See More +

Working Paper 125933 MAY 03, 2018

Monroe,Trevor Disclosed

Big data in action for government : big data innovation in public services, policy, and engagement (English)

Governments have an opportunity to harness big data solutions to improve productivity, performance and innovation in service delivery and policymaking processes. ... See More +

Working Paper 114011 APR 03, 2017


Big data in action workshop : 2017 World Government Summit (English)

: For the 2017 World Government Summit, ¬the World Bank’s Governance Practice partnered with the Big Data Program in Global Operations Knowledge Management (GOKMU) and SecondMuse to deliver a “Big Data in Action” workshop and high-level panel. ... See More +

Working Paper 114010 APR 03, 2017

Monroe,Trevor Disclosed

Harnessing the power of big data for trade and competitiveness policy (English)

Big data solutions have the potential to accelerate the work of our teams by deriving timely, accurate, and actionable insights from alternative data sources in order to close data gaps and inform policymaking. ... See More +

Working Paper 113275 MAR 01, 2017


Big data and thriving cities : innovations in analytics to build sustainable, resilient, equitable and livable urban spaces (English)

The recent global diffusion of new technologies, combined with the use of big data analytics, can help policymakers promote the effective development of future cities that provide living and work environments in which citizens can thrive. ... See More +

Working Paper 113147 JAN 01, 2017

Monroe,Trevor Disclosed

Big data innovation challenge : pioneering approaches to data-driven development (English)

Big data can sound remote and lacking a human dimension, with few obvious links to development and impacting the lives of the poor. Concepts such as anti-poverty targeting, market access or rural electrification seem far more relevant – and easier to grasp. ... See More +

Working Paper 107751 JAN 01, 2016

Fernandes,Erick C.M.; Jimenez,Daniel Regis; Delerce,Sylvain; Harten,Sven; Kaiser,Kai-Alexander; Kelm,Kathrine M.; Krambeck,Holly; Lemieux,Victoria Louise; Gaba,Kwawu Mensan; Newhouse,David Locke; Rodriguez,Camila; Villaveces,Andres; Wang,Wei Winnie; Adelman,Melissa Ann; Gonzalez,Alvaro S.; Hernandez Ore,Marco Antonio; Khokhar,Tariq Afzal; Kilic,Talip; Lozano Gracia,Nancy Disclosed

Big data solutions : innovative approaches to overcoming agricultural challenges in developing nations by harnessing the power of analytics (English)

The food system is fundamental for human life. It provides energy, nutrition, an income source for billions of people, and is the largest user of the world’s natural resources. ... See More +

Working Paper 114098 JUN 01, 2015

Desai,Adarsh A.; Monroe,Trevor Disclosed