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Indonesia - Long-Term Generasi Qualitative Study (English)

In 2007, the government of Indonesia (GoI) introduced PNPM Generasi (National Community Empowerment Program—Healthy and Smart Generation, Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat—Generasi Sehat dan Cerdas) to address key policy priorities and the Millennium Development Goals—reducing poverty, maternal mortality, and child mortality, as well as ensuring universal coverage of basic education. ... See More +

Working Paper 132305 NOV 01, 2018

Sacks,Audrey; Grayman,Jesse Hession Disclosed

Indonesia - Long-term generasi qualitative study : Indonesia - Long-term Generasi qualitative study (English)

The qualitative findings in these three areas can be summarized as follows. First, Generasi facilitators were found to have technical knowledge about health and education issues, experience in mobilizing communities around basic social service delivery, and creative problem-solving skills. ... See More +

Report AUS0000291 MAY 01, 2018

Grayman,Jesse Hession; Sacks,Audrey; Anggraini,Nelti; Prahara,Hestu; Prabowo,Agung; Wrobel,Robert; Rozana,Lina; Subandoro,Ali Winoto; Endarso,Gregorius Kelik Agus; Afriko,Marzi; Friel,Kelley Reese Disclosed

Indonesia - Long-term impact evaluation of Generasi (English)

Indonesia has made remarkable strides in key human development indicators over the past few decades. Primary school enrollment is close to universal for both boys and girls, and the child mortality rate has declined rapidly (World Bank 2017). ... See More +

Report AUS0000289 MAY 01, 2018

Sacks,Audrey; Olken,Benjamin; Subandoro,Ali Winoto; Endarso,Gregorius Kelik Agus; Wrobel,Robert Disclosed