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Landscape Narrative of the Sundarban : Towards Collaborative Management by Bangladesh and India (English)

Covering more than 10,000 kilo meters of deltaic floodplains across Bangladesh and India, the Sundarban region contains arguably the largest continuous block of mangrove ecosystem remaining in the world. ... See More +

Report 133378 JAN 01, 2019

Nishat,Bushra Disclosed

Conceptual Plan for Integrating Community-Based Tourism Along the Bangladesh-India Protocol Route for Inland Navigation : Third Draft Report (English)

Covering an area of almost 10, 000 square kilo meters across the coastal region of Bay of Bengal, the Sundarbans is a vast tract of forest and saltwater swamp in the lower part of the Ganga-Brahmaputra and Meghna river deltas. ... See More +

Report 133377 JAN 01, 2019


Smart Settlements in Indian Sundarban Delta for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development : BISRCI Discussion Paper (English)

Parts of inhabited Sundarban region in India are becoming increasingly vulnerable to embankment failure and storm and tidal surge. Agrarian way of life is no longer viable in these places due to frequent brackish water incursion. ... See More +

Report 133376 JUN 30, 2018

Danda,Anamitra Anurag; Paul,Tapas Disclosed

The socioeconomics of fish consumption and child health in Bangladesh (English)

Child malnutrition in Bangladesh exceeds WHO's threshold for public health emergencies. Using more than 36,000 records from several waves of the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey, the research focuses on the socioeconomic determinants of household consumption of all animal-source foods; the socioeconomic determinants of fish consumption, given its importance in the Bangladeshi diet; and the impact of observed consumption patterns on mortality and resistance to infectious diseases for children in their first years of life. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8217 OCT 13, 2017

Dasgupta,Susmita; Mustafa,Mohammed Golam; Paul,Tapas; Wheeler,David Disclosed

People's Republic of Bangladesh – Multisector Approaches to Delta Management – Investment Plan for the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 – Volume 1 : The Plan (English)

The Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP) 2100 is a long-term, integrated, and holistic vision of water and land management throughout Bangladesh. It aims to support the country’s long-term development in the face of the opportunities and risks that emerge from the interface between water, climate change, and human activity.4 Bangladesh has made great strides in development under the Sixth Five Year Plan (FY2010–FY2015), and aspires to build on this momentum to reach upper middle-income country status and eliminate extreme poverty. ... See More +

Report ACS23966 JUL 31, 2017

Paul,Tapas Disclosed

Sundarban in a Global Perspective : Long Term Adaptation and Development - Discussion Paper (English)

The Sundarban landscape and eco-region formed by the Rivers Ganga, Meghna, and Brahmaputra is the tidally active lower part of the largest delta in the world consisting of a warren of rivers, creeks, marshes, and alluvial floodplain. ... See More +

Report 133354 JAN 01, 2017