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Sierra Leone - Jobs diagnostic (English)

Sierra Leone is a relatively small economy with potential for jobs-rich growth. It is an extremely poor nation with substantial mineral, agricultural, and fishery resources. ... See More +

Working Paper 122016 DEC 11, 2017

Gonzalez,Alvaro S.; Michel Gutierrez,Veronica Disclosed

The future of work requires more, not less technology in developing countries (English)

Digital technology is transforming the organization and location of production, and thus the futureof work. It risks widening the gap between richer and developing countries, and between the better skilled and connected and the poorer population groups within countries, who stand to bear the brunt of the adjustment. ... See More +

Brief 117820 JUL 01, 2017


An integrated framework for jobs in fragile and conflict situations (English)

Jobs are a high priority for development and stability in fragile and conflict-affected situations. Jobs contribute to poverty reduction, productivity and economic growth, and can promote social cohesion and reduce the risk of violence. ... See More +

Working Paper 108777 JAN 01, 2016

Von Der Goltz,Jan; Hallward-Driemeier,Mary C.; Piffaretti,Nadia Fernanda; Rutkowski,Michal J.; Jha,Saroj Kumar Disclosed