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Analyzing the Incidence of Consumer Price Subsidies and the Impact of Reform on Households — Quantitative Analysis : Households (English)

This note aims to provide guidance on how to assess the distributional implications of energy subsidy reform (ESR) using quantitative methods.It is intended for use by those familiar with the basics of welfare measurement, ideally part of a multi-disciplinary team. ... See More +

Report 128024 JUN 30, 2018

Olivier,Anne; Ruggeri Laderchi,Caterina Disclosed

Assessing the Readiness of Social Safety Nets to Mitigate the Impact of Reform : Households (English)

This note provides guidance to policy makers who are looking to utilize Social Safety Nets (SSNs) to mitigate the welfare impacts of energy subsidy reforms (ESRs) on the poor. ... See More +

Report 128013 JUN 30, 2018

Moubarak,Amr S.; Yemtsov,Ruslan G. Disclosed

Designing Communication Campaigns for Energy Subsidy Reform : Communication (English)

Energy subsidy reform is not a goal in itself, but rather a means of achieving lasting economic and social progress. Communicating with the public and other key stakeholders about the benefits of reform and the drawbacks of existing subsidies helps build support and acceptance. ... See More +

Report 127998 JUN 30, 2018

Canpolat,Ezgi; Pasquier,Sara Munro Bryan; Worley,Heather B. Disclosed

Assessing the Fiscal Cost of Subsidies and Fiscal Impact of Reform : Fiscal : Assessing the Fiscal Cost of Subsidies and Fiscal Impact of Reform (English)

The objective of this good practice note is to outline the ingredients of an assessment of the fiscal impacts of energy subsidies in an economy from the aggregate fiscal perspective of the government. ... See More +

Report 128021 JUN 30, 2018

Goopu,Sudarshan Disclosed

Assessing the Political Economy of Energy Subsidies to Support Policy Reform Operations : Political Economy (English)

This note comes in three sections. First, the information required for political economy analysis of energy subsidy reforms is presented. Second, a summary is given of the information that can usually be obtained through desk research to provide the context for subsequent interviews and another field research. ... See More +

Report 128034 JUN 30, 2018

Victor,David G.; Inchauste Comboni,Maria Gabriela; Schiffer,Eva Disclosed

Local Environmental Externalities due to Energy Price Subsidies : A Focus on Air Pollution and Health - Economy and Environment (English)

This note aims to provide an overview and guidance on the use of tools to assess the environmental and health effects of changes in the levels of fine particulate matter caused by higher consumption of energy due to subsidized prices at the country level. ... See More +

Report 128033 JUN 30, 2018

Enriquez,Santiago; Larsen,Bjorn Klavdy; Sánchez-Triana, Ernesto Disclosed

Modeling Macroeconomic Impacts and Global Externalities : Economy and Environment (English)

This note provides guidance on the different economy-wide modeling tools that can be utilized to quantify the economic effects of energy subsidy reform. ... See More +

Report 128025 JUN 01, 2018

Prihardini,Dinar Dhamma; Burns,Andrew; Djiofack,Calvin Zebaze Disclosed

Toward Evidence-Based Energy Subsidy Reforms : The Energy Subsidy Reform Assessment Framework (ESRAF) - Overview (English)

The Energy Subsidy Reform Assessment Framework (ESRAF) proposes a guide to analyzing energy subsidies, the impacts of subsidies and their reforms, and the political context for reform in developing countries. ... See More +

Report 128028 JAN 01, 2018

Flochel,Thomas; Gooptu,Sudarshan Disclosed

Identifying and Quantifying Energy Subsidies : Energy Subsidies (English)

This is the first in the series of 10 guidance notes under the Energy Sector Reform Assessment Framework (ESRAF), an initiative of the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) of the World Bank. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 121475 NOV 17, 2017

Kojima,Masami Disclosed