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Cross border business matchmaking : accelerating South Africa's green economy (English)

Green Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in South Africa often struggle to take full advantage of local market opportunities and lack the global assets required to succeed in competitive and fast-growing sectors. ... See More +

Brief 127699 JUN 01, 2018


Scaling green sectors through international business to business matches : lessons from Kenya (English)

As environmental challenges mount in Kenya, including in the plastics waste sector, a growing number of companies are seeking business opportunities in green sectors. ... See More +

Brief 127705 JUN 01, 2018


Monetizing green impact : lessons from Africa's first green outcomes fund (English)

For green Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs), access to finance is one of the key constraints in scaling innovative business models. Investors, even those with the intention and mandate to support smaller deal sizes, consider these early stage businesses to be costly and risky. ... See More +

Brief 127701 JUN 01, 2018


Can outcome-based financing catalyze early stage investments in green small and growing businesses? : lessons from South Africa : Can Outcome-Based Financing Catalyze Early Stage Equity Investments in Green Small and Growing Businesses in SA (English)

Access to appropriate financing is often cited as one of the biggest challenges to scaling small businesses. This is a particularly critical problem in climate-related sectors, where risks are perceived as higher by many potential investors. ... See More +

Report 119912 JUN 01, 2018

White,Justine Disclosed

Piloting alternative access to finance for green small and growing businesses : lessons from South (English)

The case for supporting the growth of green Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) is particularly strong in South Africa, as the imminent threat of climate change poses adverse implications for the way in which the economy operates and performs. ... See More +

Report 127693 JAN 01, 2018