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Tanzania - Country Partnership Framework : chair summary (English)

Board Summary 124408 MAR 15, 2018


Tanzania - Completion and learning review country assistance strategy progress report for the period of FY12-15 : IEG review (English)

This review of Tanzania’s Completion Report of the World Bank Group’s (WBG) Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) covers the period of the original CAS, FY12-15, and the Country Assistance Strategy Progress Report (CASPR), FY14-16. ... See More +

124698 MAR 06, 2018


Tanzania - Country partnership framework for the period FY18-FY22 (English)

The Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Tanzania covering FY18-FY22 comes at a time when Tanzania must both consolidate the gains of the last decade and address the continuing gaps in its development outcomes—including sharp spatial (rural-urban) and gender disparities in income and assets, continued challenges with respect to human capital and delivery of public services, and unsustainable use of critical natural resources. ... See More +

Country Assistance Strategy Document 121790 FEB 14, 2018