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Moldova - Country Partnership Framework for the period FY18-21 : chair summary (English)

Board Summary 117800 JUL 27, 2017


Moldova - Completion and learning review for country assistance strategy for the period FY14-FY17 : IEG review (English)

Moldova is a small, lower-middle income economy with a GNI per capita of $2,240 in 2015 (a decline from 2014). In 2015, the economy suffered from an adverse external environment, a summer drought, and a banking crisis, but IMF reports that the economy expanded by 4.1 percent in 2016. ... See More +

CAS Completion Report Review 117715 JUL 14, 2017


Moldova - Country Partnership Framework for the period FY18-21 (English)

The quest for an alternative development model that underlies Moldova’s National Development Strategy (NDS), Moldova 2020, is a recognition that the two main drivers of economic growth and poverty reduction since the early 2000s are no longer sustainable. ... See More +

Country Assistance Strategy Document 115716 JUN 29, 2017