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ID4D Country Diagnostic : Madagascar (English)

This report assesses the Malagasy identity management system in the context of the government’s ongoing efforts to modernize the public sector, specifically pinpointing the challenges and needs of the functional registers for trusted verification of identities and analyzing the role and modus operandi of the civil register and civil identification agencies and processes. ... See More +

Correspondence 128623 JAN 01, 2018

Harbitz,Mia Elisabeth; Witt,Matthias Soenke Bjoern Christian; Andrianasy,Heriniaina Mikaela; Lefebvre,Anne-Lucie; Ramanantsoa,Antsanirina Christine Disclosed

ID4D Country Diagnostic : Ethiopia (English)

Ethiopia’s system of identification is at a crossroads. For the first time, a proclamation issued in 2012 establishes two new government agencies tasked with the implementation and management of a civil registry and a national ID. ... See More +

Correspondence 142092 JUN 01, 2017

Gelb,Alan Harold; Palacios,Robert J. Disclosed

ID4D Country Diagnostic : Burkina Faso (English)

Burkina Faso, a low-income economy and landlocked Sub-Saharan country with a population of 18.1 million inhabitants, has made important progress in recent years toward universal civil registration and identification. ... See More +

Correspondence 128621 MAY 01, 2017

Chrzanowski,Pierre Anselme Gilbert Disclosed

Identification for development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Rwanda (English)

Over the last decade Rwanda has developed an exemplary identification ecosystem and has accumulated practical knowledge and experience that deserve to be shared with other African nations who may find it useful and inspiring as they attempt to build their own identification schemes. ... See More +

Working Paper 128624 DEC 31, 2016


Identification for Development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Zambia (English)

Zambia provides a distinctive case of national identity management. Even from before independence in 1964 the identity card has played a prominent role and by 2010 the National Registration Card (NRC) covered more than 83 percent of the population of 16 and above. ... See More +

Working Paper 108360 AUG 01, 2016

Pidatala,Krishna; Van Der Straaten, Jaap; Kasonde,Linda C.; Mulenda; Mundashi; Mbangweta,Charity Inonge Disclosed

Identification for Development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Namibia (English)

Namibia should be congratulated on their forward looking and energetic public sector because of the strategic vision of the leadership, as could be observed in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MHAI). ... See More +

Working Paper 106596 APR 01, 2016

Pidatala,Krishna; Harbitz,Mia Elisabeth; Hubbard,Diane Disclosed

Identification for Development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Kenya (English)

Identification schemes are key enablers for the effective delivery of services and more broadly for the quality of engagement between a country’s government and its citizens. ... See More +

Working Paper 107277 JAN 01, 2016

Gelb,Alan Harold; Anandan,Vasumathi; Cannata,Arleen Disclosed

Identification for Development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Guinea (English)

Guinea’s ITC sector, the pilot project for the establishment of a national digital identification system must be more clearly defined; clarification is required regarding the status of the project signed at the end of March 2015, for the establishment of a civil registry and the production of National Identity Cards. ... See More +

Working Paper 107993 JAN 01, 2016


Identification for Development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Botswana (English)

This report analyzes the Identity Management System of the Republic of Botswana with respect to 1) accessibility, 2) robustness, 3) integration and regulated access to data, and 4) legal frameworks and data protection, and documents the extent to which the legal and institutional framework and the human and physical infrastructures have facilitated the establishment, operationalization and management of identity management as a comprehensive system. ... See More +

Working Paper 112501 SEP 01, 2015

Rakgoasi, Serai Daniel; Navaneetham, Kannan; Bainame, Kenabetsho; Keetil, Mpho; Bowelo, Motsholathebe Disclosed

Identification for Development (ID4D) country diagnostic : Cote d'Ivoire (English)

The report is organized into the following sections: section two presents the approach and methodology of the evaluation used. It gives an overview of the Identification Systems Analysis (ISA). ... See More +

Working Paper 108189 JUN 01, 2015

Atick,Joseph J; Palacios,Robert J.; Ouerghi,Azedine Disclosed

Sierra Leone - Identification for development (iD4D) : identification system analysis (English)

The Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) has developed an ambitious plan in 2014 to reform civil registration in the country and to establish a national identity register. ... See More +

Working Paper 113550 JUN 01, 2015