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Guinea - Country Partnership Framework : chair summary (English)

Board Summary 127124 JUN 07, 2018


Guinea - Completion and learning review for the period of FY14-FY17 : IEG review (English)

This review of the World Bank Group’s (WBG) Completion and Learning Review (CLR) covers the original period of the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Guinea (FY14-FY17) and the Performance and Learning Review (PLR) in FY16.Guinea is a low-income country with a Gross national income (GNI) per capita of USD 670 in 2016 and with rich mining and water-based resources.The WBG CPS had three pillars (or focus areas): (i) improving governance; (ii) stimulating growth and economic diversification; and (iii) supporting human development. ... See More +

CAS Completion Report Review 126845 MAY 24, 2018


Guinea - Country partnership framework for the period FY2018-FY23 (English)

Guinea’s experience with multiparty democracy is relatively recent and has been marked by socio‐political tensions on several occasions. This Country Partnership Framework (CPF) presents the World Bank Group (WBG) program for Guinea for the Fiscal Year (FY) period of 2018‐2023. ... See More +

Country Assistance Strategy Document 125899 MAY 10, 2018