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Challenging Cultural Conventions : Qualitative Evidence from Jeevika (English)

In 2006, when the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project was launched, the state’s rural poverty ratio was 44.6 percent - 36 million of the total 82 million people in Bihar were living in poverty. ... See More +

Brief 142929 OCT 01, 2019

Pinto,Alreena Renita Disclosed

Enhancing Women’s Empowerment : Evidence from Tamil Nadu (English)

Can targeted participatory community rural livelihoods programs that work in partnership with local governments improve the welfare of the poor, empower women and improve public action? ... See More +

Brief 142926 OCT 01, 2019

Pinto,Alreena Renita Disclosed

Weathering the Storm : Role of SHGs in Mitigating the Impacts of Natural Disasters (English)

Climate change is expected to increase the incidents of extreme weather patterns such as cyclonic storms. Large parts of the developing world including the Bay of Bengal region remain particularly vulnerable to adverse effects of such climate phenomenon. ... See More +

Brief 142927 OCT 01, 2019

Kakkar,Deepti Disclosed

Combating Malnutrition : Can Group Procurement be Equitable? - Results from a Food Security Program in Rural Bihar (English)

India has among the highest rates of child malnutrition worldwide, with Bihar one of the worst affected states. With the intent of combating food insecurity, the Government of India (GoI) and the state Government of Bihar (GoB) offer a Food Security Fund (FSF) via the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society. ... See More +

Brief 142928 OCT 01, 2019

Kakkar,Deepti Disclosed

Are we listening? : Results from a World Bank Study on the Effects of SHGs on Deliberative Political Institutions (English)

What is the impact of women Self Help Group (SHG) programs on ‘bottom up’ political participation at the grass roots level? Results from the impact evaluation of one such long running program – Pudhu Vaazhvu Project (PVP) in Tamil Nadu indicate: significant improvement in women’s participation in the gram Sabha by doubling attendance; significant increase in speech and floor time; increased social capital and women’s sense of political efficacy and identity; and no evidence that improved participation leads to improved agenda setting power of women, nor of eliciting a response from government officials. ... See More +

Brief 142925 OCT 01, 2019

Kakkar,Deepti Disclosed