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East Asia and Pacific Region social development notes



This series of notes reports on the innovations, lessons, and best practices of the World Bank's social development programs in the East Asia and Pacific Region. Many of the notes focus on gender, but also highlight the areas of community-driven development, conflict, safeguards, and youth..


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Building on tradition as the way to women's empowerment in Cambodia (English)

Approximately eighty percent of Cambodians live in rural areas with limited access to clean and affordable water and energy. Thirty-four percent of the rural population lives below the national poverty line on less than 2,367 riels ($0.60) per day. ... See More +

Brief 67981 JAN 01, 2012


Making women's voices count in natural disaster programs in East Asia and the Pacific (English)

The East Asia region is highly prone to the impacts of natural disasters. Situated in the ring of fire, countries in the region are regularly hit by typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and other events. ... See More +

Brief 67977 JAN 01, 2012

Trohanis, Zoe Elena; Svetlosakova, Zuzana; Carlsson-Rex, Helene Disclosed

Engendering mines in development : a promising approach from Papua New Guinea (English)

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a culturally diverse, environmentally rich country with over five million inhabitants, the majority of whom live on the eastern half of the rugged and mountainous island of New Guinea, the rest scattered among tropical archipelagos in the Bismark and Solomon seas. ... See More +

Brief 67982 JAN 01, 2012


Poor rural communities development project gender mainstreaming in China (English)

The Poor Rural Communities Development Project (PRCDP) is a rural development intervention covering some of the poorest communities in Guangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces in China. ... See More +

Brief 67978 JAN 01, 2012


Pathways to development : empowering local women to build a more equitable future in Vietnam (English)

Vietnam's economic emergence is perhaps best experienced along its rural roads: over 175,000 km of pavement, rubble and dirt track extend to two-thirds of the country's population and nearly all of the poorest people, who live among its productive farms, lush forests and meandering river valleys. ... See More +

Brief 67985 JAN 01, 2012


Building capacity to make transport work for women and men in Vietnam : gender and transport challenges (English)

Women and men use rural and urban transport for different purposes based on their socially determined roles and responsibilities. Poor rural transport systems limit access to markets, education, and health services for all, but even more so for women and girls. ... See More +

Brief 67980 JAN 01, 2012


After the Tsunami : women and land reforms in Aceh (English)

On Boxing Day morning, 2004, a 9.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Indian Ocean. The quake unleashed a blast of energy and created a tsunami three stories high. ... See More +

Brief 67986 JAN 01, 2012