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Agricultural and Rural Development briefs

June 2005


This series of briefs presents recent analyses of issues that affect the role of agriculture, including livestock, fisheries, and forestry, as a source of economic development, rural livelihoods, and environmental services.


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A gender-sensitive commitment to forestry (English)

Women are major actors in forest resource management throughout the developing world. Women and children are the primary collectors of fuel wood and fodder for home consumption and for sale at local and urban markets. ... See More +

Brief 44545 JUN 01, 2005


Gender dimensions of agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (English)

In agriculture, the generation of new technologies and the creative imitation of the existing stock of technologies can promote productivity and growth. ... See More +

Brief 44546 JUN 01, 2005


Community driven development : looking at social inclusion through a gendered lens (English)

The primary principle underlying Community Driven Development (CDD) is viewing poor people as assets and partners in the development process. This could be made possible by helping rural communities build on their institutions and resources and by giving control of decisions and resources to community groups. ... See More +

Brief 44555 JUN 01, 2005


Gender equity in the World Bank's land administration projects : why is it important to provide women with rights pertaining to land? (English)

One of the most serious impediments to increasing the agricultural productivity and income of rural women is their lack of security of land tenure. ... See More +

Brief 44549 JUN 01, 2005


Mainstreaming gender in agriculture and rural development (English)

Meeting world food needs in the future will depend increasingly on addressing issues related to gender and on strengthening the capabilities and resources of women. ... See More +

Brief 44557 JUN 01, 2005


Streamlining gender issues within natural resource management (English)

Local communities often play a key role in Natural Resource Management (NRM); therefore the support of the entire community is a critical element for its sustainability. ... See More +

Brief 44551 JUN 01, 2005


Water resource management : instilling gender equity for efficient development outcomes (English)

Women's participation in the utilization and management of water resources must be considered in the broader context of their access to productive assets and resources and the social construction of gender roles. ... See More +

Brief 44553 JUN 01, 2005