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Social Analysis Sector Guidance Note


June 2005 - June 2008


Sector and thematic guidance notes for on social analysis and poverty and social impact analysis (PSIA) have been developed for key areas of Bank intervention to ensure that advice related to social development issues is relevant and timely, addresses the key social concerns and opportunities in particular sectors, and is well integrated into the project cycle at all stages.



Social Analysis Good Practice Dissemination Note


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Social analysis in the urban sector : a guidance note (English)

This note begins by examining these three major aspects of the urban social challenge: the urbanization of poverty, the role of civic participation, and the critical importance of governance. ... See More +

Working Paper 44855 JUN 01, 2008


Social analysis and disability : a guidance note - incorporating disability-inclusive development into Bank-supported projects (English)

This guidance note offers a practical guide to integrating social analysis and disability-inclusive development into sector and thematic projects and programs of the World Bank. ... See More +

Working Paper 39385 MAR 01, 2007


Youth-responsive social analysis : a guidance note (English)

Understanding the social context in which young people live and addressing the social constraints, opportunities, and impacts that are critical to their success is essential for project's positive outcomes and sustainability. ... See More +

Working Paper 38092 NOV 01, 2006


Social analysis in transport projects : guidelines for incorporating social dimensions into Bank-supported projects (English)

Transport is integral to a country's economy and its social fabric, and plays a pivotal role in assisting the poor in gaining access to services and employment opportunities. ... See More +

Working Paper 36962 MAY 01, 2006


Gender responsive social analysis : a guidance note - incorporating social dimensions into Bank-supported projects (English)

The application of social analysis, and the integration of social dimensions within Bank operations seeks to attain improved development effectiveness of investment lending, through more comprehensive and efficient mainstreaming of social development into project-level processes and analyses, as well as strengthening the social development thematic portfolio. ... See More +

Working Paper 35137 JUN 01, 2005