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Basic Education Capacity Trust Fund (Bahasa (Indonesian))

This newsletter deals primarily with the meaning of TRIMS. TRIMS, also called Tools of Reporting and Information Management by schools, is the application for informal education management system which is simple but informative. ... See More +

Newsletter 68505 MAR 01, 2012


Indonesia - Basic education capacity trust fund (BEC-TF) (third edition) : Meningkatkan Tata Kelola Pendidikan Dasar di Indonesia (Edisi 3) (Bahasa (Indonesian))

The main article in this newspaper, BEC-TF Kota Jayapura menyelenggarakan Workshop Peningkatan Mutu Pendidikan Tahun 2011, relates that the findings from this education workshop stress that BEC-TF is the only program that answers the specific needs of Papuans who desperately need a variety of training and improvement capacities in order to improve the quality of education. ... See More +

Newsletter 64974 SEP 01, 2011

Yusuf, M.; Sentosa, Feiny Disclosed

Indonesia - Basic education capacity trust fund (BEC-TF) (second edition) (Bahasa (Indonesian))

The lead article in this newsletter deals with learning from block grants to schools with the Prima Pendidikan Jica concept which stresses that education is a joint model of approach. ... See More +

Newsletter 56847 SEP 01, 2010


Indonesia - Basic education capacity trust fund (BEC-TF) (first edition) (Bahasa (Indonesian))

This newsletter contains the article: Hibah Daerah: Saluran Dana Baru dan Tanggapan Kabupaten Penerima which stresses that the strength of the local grant is the process of planning activities that meet from 2 directions - top-down (donor agencies, departments technical) and bottom-up (local government). ... See More +

Newsletter 56845 MAR 01, 2010

Nainggolan, Pahala Disclosed