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Maximizing the impact of community-based practitioners in the quest for universal health coverage (English)

The quantity, skills and geographic distribution of the health workforce have long been recognized as factors that limit population health outcomes and progress towards the related Millennium Development Goals. ... See More +

Journal Article 102467 SEP 30, 2015


National health accounts data from 1996 to 2010 : a systematic review (English)

The objective of the review was to collect, compile and evaluate publicly available national health accounts (NHA) reports produced worldwide between 1996 and 2010. ... See More +

Journal Article 102470 MAY 15, 2015

Anthony L Bui; Lavado,Rouselle F.; Johnson,Katherine Elizabeth; Benjamin PC Brooks; Michael K Freeman; Casey M Graves; Annie Haakenstad; Benjamin Shoemaker; Michael Hanlon; Joseph L Dieleman Disclosed

Success factors for reducing maternal and child mortality (English)

Reducing maternal and child mortality is a priority in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and will likely remain so after 2015. Evidence exists on the investments, interventions and enabling policies required. ... See More +

Journal Article 102484 JUN 05, 2014

Shyama Kuruvilla; Schweitzer,Julian F.; Bishai,David M; Chowdhury,Sadia Afroze; Daniele Caramani; Frost,Laura; Cortez,Rafael A.; Bernadette Daelmans; Andres de Francisco; Taghreed Adam; Robert Cohen; Y Natalia Alfonso; Jennifer Franz-Vasdeki; Saadat,Seemeen; Beth Anne Pratt; Beatrice Eugster; Sarah Bandali; Venkatachalam,Pritha; Rachael Hinton; Murray,John M.; Arscott-Mills,Sharon; Henrik Axelson; Blerta Maliqi; Sarker,Intissar; Lakshminarayanan,Rama; Troy Jacobs; Susan Jacks; Nunn,Rachel Elizabeth Mason; Abdul Ghaffar,Jeehan Nawaf Abdul Malik; Nicholas Mays; Carole Presern; Bustreo,Flavia Disclosed

Progress towards universal health coverage in BRICS : Translating economic growth into better health (English)

Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa, the countries known as BRICS, represent some of the world’s fastest growing large economies and nearly 40 percent of the world’s population. ... See More +

Journal Article 102474 MAR 10, 2014

Rao,Krishna Dipankar; Varduhi Petrosyan; Araujo,Edson Correia; Diane McIntyre Disclosed

Effect of Chiranjeevi Yojana on institutional deliveries and neonatal and maternal outcomes in Gujarat, India : a difference-in-differences analysis (English)

This paper will evaluate the effect of the Chiranjeevi Yojana program, a public-private partnership to improve maternal and neonatal health in Gujarat, India. ... See More +

Journal Article 102446 JAN 01, 2014

Mohanan,Manoj; Bauhoff,Sebastian Peter Alexander; La Forgia,Gerard Martin; Babiarz, Kimberly Singer; Singh,Kultar; Miller,Norman Grantham Disclosed

Accelerating progress on women’s and children’s health (English)

Countries have made substantial progress towards millennium development goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 - to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. ... See More +

Journal Article 102425 JAN 01, 2014

Presern, Carole; Bustreo,Flavia; Evans,Timothy Grant; Abdul Ghaffar,Jeehan Nawaf Abdul Malik Disclosed

Investing in human resources for health : the need for a paradigm shift (English)

Increased international resources have flowed towards HRH over the past decade, either directly through targeted HRH funds or indirectly through programs for disease control or health system strengthening. ... See More +

Journal Article 102463 NOV 13, 2013

Zhao,Feng; Neil Squires; David Weakliam; Van Lerberghe,Wim; Soucat,Agnes L. B.; Kadidiatou Toure; Shakarishvili,George; Estelle Quaing; Maeda,Akiko Disclosed

Smoking-attributable mortality in Bangladesh : proportional mortality study (English)

The objective of the article is to directly estimate how much smoking contributes to cause-specific mortality in Bangladesh. A case–control study was conducted with surveillance data from Matlab, a rural subdistrict. ... See More +

Journal Article 102482 JUL 12, 2013

Dewan S Alam; Jha,Prabhat K.; Chinthanie Ramasundarahettige; Peter Kim Streatfield; Louis W Niessen; Muhammad Ashique H Chowdhury; Ali T Siddiquee; Shyfuddin Ahmeda; Evans,Timothy Grant Disclosed

Why do health labour market forces matter? (English)

Human resources for health have been recognized as essential to the development of responsive and effective health systems. Low- and middle-income countries seeking to achieve universal health coverage face human resource constraints, whether in the form of health worker shortages, maldistribution of workers or poor worker performance, that seriously undermine their ability to achieve well-functioning health systems. ... See More +

Journal Article 102495 JUN 13, 2013

Mcpake,Barbara; Maeda,Akiko; Edson Correia Araújo; Lemiere,Christophe; Atef El Maghraby; Giorgio Cometto Disclosed

Time for innovative dialogue on health systems research (English)

A forthcoming report by the World Health Organization (WHO) on evidence for policy is already fuelling passionate debate, especially among scientists. ... See More +

Journal Article 102489 OCT 31, 2012

Meessen,Bruno; Heteren,Godelieve Van; Soeters,Robert; Gyuri Fritsche; Wim van Damme Disclosed