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Harnessing development 2.0 : creating opportunities with the poor (English)

As new ways of bringing people together web and mobile technology, from System Management Server (SMS) to social networking, continue to change development initiatives, this paper examines how technology is transforming access to new markets, money and skills, and how it offers the prospect of driving more inclusive business models. ... See More +

Newsletter 52756 DEC 01, 2009

Torres-Rahman,Zahid; Warman, Matt; Wylie, Kate Disclosed

Corporate strategy and inadequate governance : the pitfalls of CSR (English)

The trend to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects globalization as well as the retreat of the state. As growing number of firms source and produce globally, many of their stakeholders have insisted that global firms be held accountable for conduct that could undermine economic, social or environmental progress. ... See More +

Newsletter 50295 JAN 01, 2009

Aaronson,Susan Ariel Disclosed

The power of business advocacy and ICT reforms (English)

Many governments have placed a high priority on reforming the business environment because of its significant influence on levels of private sector development and therefore on long-term economic growth and poverty reduction. ... See More +

Newsletter 50301 JAN 01, 2009

Frauscher,Kathrin; Bulat, Camelia Disclosed

Business and philanthropy : the blurring of boundaries (English)

Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the philanthropic resources made available for global development, particularly from private sector sources who encourage the increased application of business thinking and models to philanthropic objectives. ... See More +

Newsletter 46965 SEP 01, 2008

Jarvis,Michael; Goldberg, Jeremy M. Disclosed

CSR and beyond : business and the development cycle (English)

The impacts of globalization have produced strategic shifts in the landscapes facing both business and civil society. Both have come to play an increasing role in development and continue to adjust to changing roles and responsibilities. ... See More +

Newsletter 39507 JAN 01, 2007

Evans, Marketa D. Disclosed

The public private alliance model for development (English)

Building partnerships takes time and requires dedicated people and resources. But ultimately there is no better way to tackle development problems. ... See More +

Newsletter 37574 JUN 01, 2006

Runde, Daniel F. Disclosed

Private sector roles in the partnership age (English)

The nature and scale of development issues require effective partnerships and solutions that involve different sectors of society. These interconnected and systemic issues are best looked at in a multisectoral setting requiring collaborative solutions, with a deliberate experimental feature-learning from tinkering-which represents a challenge to the traditional motivational, organizational, and accountability mechanism long established for different sectors of society, particularly the private sector. ... See More +

Newsletter 36255 APR 01, 2006

Leautier, Frannie; Petkoski, Djordjija Disclosed

Business and the millennium development goals (English)

The private sector is now a vital partner in creating economic and social development. Business cannot operate in a cocoon from the problems that impact society as a whole. ... See More +

Newsletter 36476 APR 01, 2006

Jarvis, Michale; Atacik, Mehmet Can Disclosed

Business action to fight micronutrient deficiency (English)

Micronutrient deficiency undermines the potential of billions of people worldwide, limiting both their physical and mental growth during the vital years of childhood. ... See More +

Newsletter 36478 APR 01, 2006

Bekefi, Tamara; Jarvis, Michael Disclosed

Cybermonks and rural entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka (English)

Although still in the early stages, telecenters in Sri Lanka, offering internet based services to remote rural areas, are proving to be popular hubs for training for school-aged children and places for adults to access information on health, education and agriculture. ... See More +

Newsletter 36477 APR 01, 2006

Radwan,Ismail Disclosed

The business of building lives: HIV/AIDS and the private sector (English)

Businesses are hit hard by HIV/AIDS, but they are also in a unique position to help fight back. The private sector interacts with most HIV infected people in a country-directly in employment relations or more indirectly through employee families, customers, or as community members. ... See More +

Newsletter 36469 MAR 01, 2006

Gehna, Kebour; Atacik, Mehmet Can; Jarvis, Michael Disclosed

Better corporate governance: more value for everyone (English)

The state of corporate governance can have an important effect on the availability and cost of capital for all firms, and good corporate governance of financial firms is essential in fostering financial stability and healthy economic growth. ... See More +

Newsletter 36468 FEB 01, 2006

Atacik, Mahmet Can; Jarvis, Michael Disclosed