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CGAP Newsletter 5 (English)

A bank of one's own, by Ela Bhatt. China's emerging micro-finance industry, by Mike Goldberg. Strengthening Asian MFIs, by Joyita Mukherjee. ... See More +

Newsletter 18677 JAN 31, 1998

Mukherjee, Joyita; Isern, Jennifer [editors]; Bhatt, Ela; Goldberg, Mike; Staub, William; Fernando, Nimal; Gregory Chen; Bullock, Tamara; Tarmann, Allison

CGAP Newsletter 3 (English)

Accessing commercial capital for micro-finance: the ACCION experience, by Maria Otero. Short-term micro-finance: commercial banks can do it! by Klaas Kuiper. ... See More +

Newsletter 18675 JAN 31, 1997

Malhotra, Mohini; Mukherjee, Joyita [editors]; Otero, Maria; Kuiper, Klass; Wright, David; Chidzero, Anne-Marie; Smith, Anne-Marie

CGAP Newsletter 2 (English)

Village banks in Pays Dogon: a successful home-grown approach, by Renee Chao-Beroff. Perspectives on micro-finance in West Africa, by the CGAP Secretariat. ... See More +

Newsletter 18674 SEP 30, 1996

Malhotra, Mohini; Mukherjee, Joyita [editors]; Chao-Beroff, Renee; Rhyne, Elisabeth; Kibui, Phyllis Wanjiku; Beinpuo, Francis; Seck, Ibrahima; Jackelen, Henry

CGAP Newsletter 1 (English)

Toward creating a pverty-free world, by Muhammad Yunus. The view of the chair, by Ismail Serageldin. The conceptual underpinnings of CGAP - A micro-finance program, by Mohini Malhotra. ... See More +

Newsletter 18673 JAN 01, 1996

Malhotra, Mohini; Mukherjee, Joyita [editors]; Al-Sultan, Fawzi; Lessard, Gilles; Webster, Leila; Serageldin, Ismail; Yunus, Muhammad