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The fiscal cost of weak governance : evidence from teacher absence in India (English)

The relative return to strategies that augment inputs versus those that reduce inefficiencies remains a key open question for education policy in low-income countries. ... See More +

Journal Article 125236 JAN 01, 2017

Muralidharan,Karthik; Das,Jishnu; Holla,Alaka; Mohpal,Aakash Disclosed

The regressive demands of demand-driven development (English)

Despite their explicit focus on reaching the poor, many community driven development (CDD) initiatives are only partially successful in targeting spending towards them. ... See More +

Journal Article 82880 JUL 26, 2013

Baird,Sarah Jane; Mcintosh,Craig; Ozler,Berk Disclosed

International financial integration through the law of one price : the role of liquidity and capital controls (English)

This paper takes advantage of the fact that some stocks trade both in domestic and international markets to characterize the degree of international financial integration. ... See More +

Journal Article 83329 JAN 01, 2009

Van Horen,Neeltje; Schmukler,Sergio L.; Levy-Yeyati,Eduardo Disclosed