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Strengthening malaria service delivery through supportive supervision and community mobilization in an endemic Indian setting : an evaluation of nested delivery models (English)

Malaria continues to be a prominent global public health challenge. This study tested the effectiveness of two service delivery models for reducing the malaria burden, e.g. supportive supervision of community health workers (CHW) and community mobilization in promoting appropriate health-seeking behaviour for febrile illnesses in Odisha, India. ... See More +

Journal Article 102483 DEC 08, 2014

Das,Ashis Kumar; Friedman,Jed; Kandpal,Eeshani; Ramana,Gandham N.V.; Rudra Kumar Das Gupta; Madan M Pradhan; Govindaraj,Ramesh Disclosed

Introducing the concept of a new pre-referral treatment for severely ill febrile children at community level : a sociological approach in Guinea-Bissau (English)

Innovative strategies are needed to tackle childhood mortality in the rural tropics. Artesunate suppositories were developed to bring emergency treatment closer to severely ill children with malaria in rural areas where injectable treatment is not possible for several hours. ... See More +

Journal Article 102462 FEB 06, 2014

Audrey Vermeersch; Anaëlle Libaud-Moal; Amabelia Rodrigues; Nicholas J White; Piero Olliaro; Melba Gomes; Burgin,Ashley Elizabeth; Pascal Millet Disclosed

Community perceptions on malaria and care-seeking practices in endemic Indian settings: policy implications for the malaria control programme (English)

The focus of India’s National Malaria Programme witnessed a paradigm shift recently from health facility to community-based approaches. The current thrust is on diagnosing and treating malaria by community health workers and prevention through free provision of long-lasting insecticidal nets. ... See More +

Journal Article 102440 JAN 29, 2013

Das,Ashis Kumar; RK Das Gupta; Friedman,Jed; Madan M Pradhan; Charu C Mohapatra; Debakanta Sandhibigraha Disclosed