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Partnership for governance and harmonization : an opportunity for poverty reduction (English)

Ten years ago, the World Bank declared that governance and anti-corruption strategies were vital to its core mission of fighting poverty and creating opportunities for the poor. ... See More +

Newsletter 45538 JAN 01, 2007


Capacity building through partnerships : a reason for hope (English)

About the World Bank Group and Staff Exchange Program (SEP). Partnership programs at a glance. A word of Thanks, by Benedicte Boullet. Moving in, moving on. ... See More +

Newsletter 48962 SEP 01, 2006

Boullet, Benedicte; Eren-Baig, Gizem; Seiter, Andreas; Broemmel, Michael; Ondoki, Isidore; Viloria-Williams, Julie G.; Posthuma, Anne;; Akporji, Chii; Einfeldt, Christiane; Julian, Brad; Tomowski, Arno D.; Baur, Joerg; Toledano, Josef; Babu, Suresh; Mouton, Francois-Regis; Hassan, Fareed M.;; Ritter, Konard Von; Disclosed

Partnerships for sustainable development (English)

About the staff exchange program. What's new at SEP. Moving in, moving on. Share pays dividends. The new bottom line : socially responsible business, by Zoe Hensby. ... See More +

Newsletter 37255 SEP 01, 2002

Hensby, Zoe; Eckstein, Mark; Fuji, Yohsaku; Wolf-Mathies, Monika; Kawakami, Takao; Adams, Juliette; Klinnert, Christopher; O'brien, Tom; Kante, Cheick; Cragg, Chris; Eve, Lori Disclosed

Cross-sector partnership in a global economy (English)

About the staff exchange program. Moving in, moving on. Share pays dividends. The SEP opens doors. Motivation technology; by Rachel Kornberg, Malcolm Beattie, and Harry Love. ... See More +

Newsletter 35343 MAR 01, 2002

Kornberg, Rachel; Beattie, Malcolm; Love, Harry; Mestrallet, Gerard; Waugh, John; Twose, Nigel; Hoornweg, Dan; Capcelea, Arcadia; Kim, Choong-Chun; Little, Rick; Dahlman, Carl; Dingwall, Hamish; O'Leary, Donald; Gothard-Thompson, Barbara; Heller, Raymond; Conaway, Janelle; Cork, Steven J.; Platai, Gunars H.; Alder, Claire Disclosed

Global citizenry for development (English)

About the staff exchange program. What's new at the Staff Exchange Program. Moving in, moving on. Share pays dividends. Improving policy through education in modern economics, by Ulrich Hewer. ... See More +

Newsletter 37256 SEP 01, 2001

Hewer, Ulrich; Oduolowu, Akin; Claxton, Isabelle; Waugh, John; Lohmeyer, Jurgen; Zhang, Qingfeng; Lewis, Julia; Cheng, Ivy; Barry, Mamadou Disclosed

The power of partnerships (English)

Moving in, moving on. SHARE pays dividends; by Patricia Overend. Competition, compassion, and confidence - three keys to Scotland's success; by Henry McLeish, and Gerry Rice. ... See More +

Newsletter 22258 MAR 31, 2001

Overend, Patricia; Mcleish, Henry; Rice, Gerry; Yongbeom Kim; Woicke, Peter; Wright, Rob; Moline, Ann; Millett, Karin C.; Goepfert, Peter; Salome, Bernard; Eyre, Dana; Ruhl, Onno; Squire, Lyn; Kinley,David; Fretwell, David; Little, Rick; Waugh, John; Ikuo Nishimura; Fitz Gerald, Maurice; Sierra, Kathy

A network of growing relationships (English)

About the Staff Exchange Program. Come to learn, stay to teach. Boot camp for brains. Conference highlights, May 10-12, 2000. Fast forward with Samsung. ... See More +

Newsletter 21435 JAN 01, 2000

Yamine, Jean-Marie; Lohmeyer, Jurgen; Repnik, Markus; Muhtar, Mansur; Renneberg, Robyn

Knowledge through partnership (English)

About the staff exchange program. Food for thought. Share pays dividends. Renewed commitment, by Gregory Toulmin. Learning from the survivors of disaster, by Darrell Prokopetz. ... See More +

Newsletter 21341 JAN 01, 2000

Toulmin, Gregory; Prokopetz, Darrell; Lohmeyer, Jurgen; Leipold, Knut; Berggren, Hans-Eric; Obiora, Leslye; Gamboa, Joel; Rice, Gerry; Stiggers, David; Di Leva, Charles; Carreiro, JaymePorto; Oduolowu, Akin; O'Leary, Donal; Gaba, Kwawu; Sheldon, Christopher; Marime-Ball, Patience; Zhang, Qingfeng; Marek, Tonia