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Opportunity, security and equity in the Middle East and North Africa : Spectrum Magazine (Summer 2006) (English)

The countries of the Middle East and North Africa region are home to five percent of the world's population. They are primarily middle income countries, with an overall average income of $3,000 per person per year. ... See More +

Newsletter 37530 SEP 01, 2006

Hoftijzer, Margo [editor] Disclosed

Social protection in ECA during the transition : an unfinished agenda (English)

This report concerns Europe and Central Asia, a World Bank region that comprises 28 countries, of which 27 are transition countries, and which also includes Turkey. ... See More +

Newsletter 30109 JUL 01, 2004

Braithwaite, Jeanine [lead editor]; von Gersdorff, Hermann [editor]; Holzmann [editor]; Rutkowski, Michal; Goldman, Philip; Wright, Alan; Rutkowski, Jan; Staines, Verdon; Isamiddinova, Dilnara; Naqvi, Maniza; O'Keefe, Philip; Bodewig, Christian; Sipos, Sandor; Sotirova, Galina; Gotcheva, Boryana; Bezhanyan, Anush; Mascarell, Caroline; Kostenickiene, Vilija; Sandi, Ana Maria; Pojarski, Peter; Kuddo, Arvo; Posarac, Alexandra; Innes, John

Helping the vulnerable manage risk (English)

Vulnerability - the use of this term has proliferated lately among economists, sociologists, other development practitioners, and policy makers as concepts of risk and risk management are no longer only found on Wall Street, but also right in the center of the newest thinking about poverty. ... See More +

Newsletter 27598 DEC 01, 2003

Volatility, risk, and innovation : social protection in Latin America and the Caribbean (English)

Like most developing regions, Latin America and the Caribbean suffers from a high degree of economic volatility -volatility that is much greater than in industrial economies. ... See More +

Newsletter 27592 AUG 01, 2003

Chamberlin, Christopher; Mason, Andrew D.

Protecting people with social safety nets (English)

When the present is at stake; by Margaret Grosh, John Blomquist, and Yisgedullish Amde. Quid pro quo; by Margaret Grosh. Responding to the crisis in Korea with Public Works; by John Blomquist. ... See More +

Newsletter 23879 JAN 31, 2002

Lund, Lotte [editor]; Grosh, Margaret; Blomquist, John; Amde, Yisgedullish; Razmara, Setareh; Ruppert, Elizabeth; Alderman, Harold; Smith, W. James; Subbarao,Kalanidhi; Rawlings, Laura B.; Levine, Antony; Lindert, Kathy; Lanjouw, Peter; Ozler, Berk

The global fight against child labor (English)

The World Bank recognizes that child labor is one of the most devastating consequences of persistent poverty. Long hours of work and hazardous employment harm children's development as well as their physical and mental health, and must be addressed with a multifaceted and comprehensive approach. ... See More +

Newsletter 27597 DEC 01, 2001

Meeting employment challenges in the global economy (English)

Closing the gap; by Lotte Lund. Thailand after the crisis; by Lotte Lund. Toil, sweat, and trade : what can be done to improve working conditions in developing countries? ... See More +

Newsletter 23009 MAR 31, 2001

Lund, Lotte [editor] Disclosed

A model for the future : innovative social policy in Lithuania (English)

Life is good. A model for the future. It is not enough to cry. Seeing is believing. Back to basics. A shelter for mothers in crisis. Social policy and community social services development project. ... See More +

Newsletter 23006 JAN 01, 2000

The end of charity : how social funds empower communities (English)

SP news notes. The end of charity, by Lotte Lund. De-frosting time in Mphango, by Lotte Lund. "We are not tired.", by Lotte Lund. Beyond the bottom line, by Lotte Lund. ... See More +

Newsletter 23008 JAN 01, 2000

Lund, Lotte Levine; Antony Nsour, Surat; Caroline McLeod; Dinah K., Lopez; Van Domelen, Julie Disclosed

Facing the future : the importance of pension reform to new generations (English)

Encounter with a millennium baby, by Edward Whitehouse. Survivors' guide to pension reform. Facts about Poland. New old-age pension system in Poland, by Marek Gora and Michal Rutkowski. ... See More +

Newsletter 23007 JAN 01, 2000

Whitehouse, Edward; Gora, Marek; Rutkowski, Michal Disclosed