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Open skies over the Middle East (English)

The dynamism of air traffic markets in the Middle East obscures the persistence of restrictions on international competition. But how important are such restrictions for passenger traffic? ... See More +

Journal Article 100196 AUG 14, 2015

Cristea,Anca Diana; Hillberry,Russell Henry; Mattoo,Aaditya Disclosed

Microdynamics of Turkey's export boom in the 2000s (English)

This paper examines the micro-dynamics behind the dramatic export boom experienced by Turkey during the 2000s. Using disaggregated exporter-level customs data covering the universe of export transactions for Turkey during the period 2002-2011, we characterize firm-level dynamics in the export sector and we decompose export growth at the aggregate, sectoral, and destination market levels to identify the role of firm turnover, destination turnover, and product turnover. ... See More +

Journal Article 94661 JAN 31, 2014

Cebeci,Tolga; Fernandes,Ana Margarida Disclosed

Industrial protection in the developed countries (English)

Much has been said in recent years about growing industrial protectionism in the developed countries, but little effort has been made to assess quantitatively the increases in protection that have actually occurred. ... See More +

Journal Article REP315 JUN 30, 1984

Balassa, Bela; Balassa, Carol

Maginot line of European farm policies (English)

As the European Community has increased it's level of self sufficiency in agriculture it has moved from being an importer of many agricultural commodities to being an exporter. ... See More +

Journal Article REP290 DEC 31, 1983

Bale, M.; Koester, U. Disclosed

Questions on international trade in textiles and clothing (English)

Questions of importance for the negotiations on the extension of the Arrangement Regarding International Trade in Textiles focus on: (i) relative importance of trade in textiles and clothing; (ii) the participants in this trade; (iii) products that succeed for developing countries; (iv) market penetration in developed-country markets; (v) overall trends ; and (vi) effects of protectionist activities. ... See More +

Journal Article REP202 APR 30, 1981

KEESING, D.; WOLF, M. Disclosed