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Armenia - Mineral Sector Policy Project (English)

The development objective of Mineral Sector Policy Project for Armenia is to focus on strengthening of the contribution of the mining sector to sustainable economic growth.The Project is aligned with the 2013-2017 Country Partnership Strategy, which places private sector led job creation at the center of its Strategy, focusing on: i) supporting competitiveness and job creation and ii) improving efficiency and targeting of social services, with Improving governance and anti-corruption measures in public services as a cross-cutting theme, with a specific focus on the impacts on gender. ... See More +

Project Paper PP2434 JUL 25, 2017

Hund,Kirsten Lori Disclosed

Burkina Faso - Mineral Development Support Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Préface (French)

Environmental Assessment SFG3209 APR 01, 2016

Nguyen,Helen Ba Thanh Disclosed

Albania - The governance partnership facility (GPF) funded study on small scale mining operations in Albania : improving transparency, economic, and financial issues, and health and safety impacts (English)

This paper intends to provide an assessment of the size and number of the small scale mining workings in the industrial mineral sector in Albania. ... See More +

Working Paper 70195 NOV 15, 2009

Seferaj, Nikolla; Bakallabashi, Jani; Cukalla, Martin Disclosed

Rhodesia and Nyasaland - Current economic position and prospects (English)

This report covers economic developments and some aspects of African-European relationships in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nlyasaland over the last three years. ... See More +

Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report EA105 MAR 31, 1960