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Colombia : Public and Private Paths to Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation in Colombia (1999-2011) (English)

This report assesses the performance of three projects and ratings for each are as follows: (i) the Cartagena Water Supply, Sewerage, and Environmental Management Project (the Cartagena Project) – outcome was satisfactory, risk to development outcome, low, Bank performance was satisfactory, as well as Borrower performance; (ii) the Water Sector Reform Assistance Project (WSRAP) – outcome was moderately unsatisfactory, risk to development outcome was substantial, Bank and Borrower performance were both moderately unsatisfactory; and (iii) the Water and Sanitation Sector Support Project (WSSSP) – outcome was moderately unsatisfactory, risk to development outcome, substantial, and Bank and Borrower performance were both moderately unsatisfactory. ... See More +

Project Performance Assessment Report 111404 DEC 29, 2016

Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) Disclosed

Angola - Water Sector Institutional Development Project : environmental assessment : Angola - Projecto de Desenvolvimento Institucional no Sector Agua : plano de gestão ambiental (Portuguese,English)

Environmental Assessment SFG2265 MAY 01, 2016

Asaam,Belinda Lorraine Disclosed

Water efficiency case study : when water flows - so does cash (English)

The introduction of the water efficiency program saw the company achieve savings of €250,000 on its water costs in 2011. The implementation of company’s most recent energy efficiency initiatives has also reduced gas consumption by 15 percent, resulting in savings of €570,000. ... See More +

Working Paper 110535 JAN 01, 2016

Russian Disclosed

Armenia - Securing dams and irrigation improves the development prospects (Arabic)

Brief 94570 SEP 09, 2009


El manejo del agua en territorios indigenas en Mexico (Spanish)

In regard to the effectiveness of public water policies and the financial support directed to the indigenous regions of Mexico, this study endeavors to elaborate a series of recommendations for decisionmakers. ... See More +

Working Paper 39309 FEB 01, 2007

Avila Garcia, Patricia; Martinez, Juan Disclosed